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Anyone using Tascam's new iU2 interface with Loopy?

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Now that it's actually been out a month, anyone using the made-for-ios Tascam iU2 interface with loopy? Would love to know if it's the professional solution it's cracked up to be (I hope it is!).


  • I had it and sent it back after a day. I could only get the left or right channel input into Loopy, regardless of the mono switch setting on the bottom, i.e. pan hard left or right. Also, plugging it into my ipad charger via it's usb port did not charge the ipad as expected and coincidentally the charger stopped working altogether thereafter - had to make a trip to the genius bar to get it replaced... GB allowed for choosing the channel so I could get a mono signal, hopefully that is planned for Loopy soon. I did not spend much time with it so can't give you more details but my impression was not favorable in general. I currently am using an Apogee Jam but the latency is too long for comfort, anyone have succes with an Apogee One via the CCK?
  • "GB allowed for choosing the channel so I could get a mono signal, hopefully that is planned for Loopy soon." - That it is; this coming update, in fact.
  • Thanks for the info from both of you, I guess I'll wait and see.
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    I have one on order (should arrive any day now)
    I have faith that the update will iron out any mono / stereo issues.
    @pepelemofo did you try it with a stereo source into the iU2 or just a mono source in? The stereo mono switch on the iU2 controls the output summing a stereo signal from your iPod to a mono out.
    Also did you try any MIDI I/O?
    Its a bit worrying if the audio interface took out the charger though!!
  • I am sure the update will address the mono issue, I only tried it with one signal at a time and no to the midi. Hopefully, the charger dying was just a freak coincidence - let us know how you get on.
  • My tascam iU2 arrived yesterday afternoon (on the second attempt I mean how are you meant to receive anything through the post if you happen to have a full time job!!! Don't get me started)
    Managed to spend a couple of hours with it last night.
    My setup is:
    Guitar into a Roland gr55. The GR55 outputs Line level stereo Audio as well as MIDI note and control info.
    Good things first;
    You get pretty much everything you need in the box.
    USB cable, midi and xlr adapters.

    Using it with loopy (or most if my other iPhone music apps) does pretty much everything I would have wanted it to.

    The stereo signal is picked up and I can record onto any of the loops triggering on any MIDI bindings I can spare.

    Latency is low enough that I don't notice it unless I'm fly picking or tapping while using the iPhone to generate the guitar tone. Even then I can get around this by direct monitoring which the iU2 supports.

    Best of all I'm pretty sure this would be perfectly usable in a live (see loud) setting where my "peavy Amplink" starts to generate masses of feedback at even quite modest volumes this can get plenty loud without squealing. I'll caveat that by saying I have not had it up live loud just yet.

    On the not so good side ;
    No MIDI over USB. I already knew this when I got it but it would have been handy.

    I can't get Amplitube on the iPhone to recognise the iU2 as an audio I/O so that app is no use when my set up is in this config. Not such a big loss as I much prefer the sound of Ampkit.

    It does feel pretty light and plastic when you get it out of the box.

    I find the knobs are a pain to work. Very smooth and slippery and low profile. Lucky they are
    Set and forget in general.

    Although you do get all the cables with it they are pretty short. As always with apple certified charge cables it's about 50cm long and the built in dock connector is only about 10cm in total . This means that your iPhone would be a lot closer to the ground than I am comfortable with even at a rehearsal far less a gig. Alternatively you will need to figure out a raised power outlet. The short dock connector means that it's hard to get the tascam and your iDevice in the correct orientation. Loopy rotates meaning that it's ok but the springboard will still be upside down when you switch between apps.

    On a further note when Audiobridge comes when paired with this sort of interface its easy to see the massive potential and it could really be a bit of a game changer.

    Let me k ow if you want me to look at anything or try anything out.

    In conclusion I'm pretty happy right now as I have improved on the flexibility and ease of use of my HW looper and spent less money!!!

    Anyone looking for a second hand Jamman Stereo? ;)
  • Wow, thanks for the detailed review! Could you explain what you mean by "No MIDI over USB"? I was hoping to use the midi with a foot switch to control loopy-- any experience with that?
  • Sure
    When everything is connected loopy sees the iU2 as a MIDI in/out no problem. It comes with 2 cables allowing you to connect to any standard 5pin MIDI device and receives note and cc midi data. So that all works fine and if you have a FCB1010 or similar you will be fine.
    My Roland GR55 has a USB port through which it transmits audio and MIDI. If the iU2 was able I could connect one USB cable and be done instead of the left, right, midi in, midi out combination that I currently have going.

    Same functionality but just a simpler connection.
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    Just to be clear: this is a limitation of the GR55/iPad, not the iU2. I believe it's because the GR55 isn't class compliant, so the iPad doesn't recognise it- if it were, you wouldn't need the iU2 at all (unless of course you're using the XLRs or SPDIF) ;)

    And congrats on the new interface- the future is here!
  • That's all true. :) I find Rand / Boss particularly bad when it comes to "pc support" for example none of their floor processors even have SW editors!
    I'm running loopy and my audio interface on an iPhone which (for reasons only Apple know) does not support USB peripherals through the camera connection kit so even if I had a class compliment USB MIDI/audio device I would still need to buy a separate interface. Thanks Apple! I guess it's still cheaper than buying an iPad
  • I just purchased the iU2 and it works with other programs on my Iphone4 but I can't seem to get it to work with Loopy. Is there any settings that need to be made in Loopy for it to receive and send audio to and from the iU2?
  • After messing with it for about 2 hours it suddenly started working.

    Seems that if you have the usb cable plugged into the iU2, Loopy will not recognize the hardware. Once recognized you can plug the usb back in for phantom power and to keep your Iphone charging.

    Also if you have audio plugged into the right input it does not create a waveform on the track. It will record the audio but with a blank visual. The left input works (visually) as designed but, as another person stated in this and other posts, it only records as a hard panned audio bit (Left/Right) depending on the prospective input. So far still worth it to me.

    Now I am trying to find a 30pin extender cable that will transfer all aspects of the iU2. I made the mistake of purchasing a cheap one that only supported sync and power.
  • @supertallpaul
    and how did the search go for the 30 pin cable? I read some reviews that the $10 ones do not work with stuff from akai...hope you found better :)
    @mike sorry to ask similiar question in a second thread, but did not notice this one
    @tascam sack your quality control management ;)
  • You can try asking for TASCAM advice at TASCAM Forums. They are quite knowledgeable about TASCAM and other recording gear.

  • Thanks KnocksX

    I got the interface in the rnd as I was impatient...
    Luckily it works great for my needs :)

  • Does anybody know is it possible to use TASCAM ui2 with iPad 4th generation,new lightning connector .I tried with adapters but nothing comes out??If I still wanna use this Tascam I need go back on iPad 3?:)I contacted Tascam but of course no reply from them

  • Tascam openly admitted that the iu2 does not work on the lightning connector. It is now discontinued.

  • @ Tascam

    And that was the biggest flaw of the IU2 design.
    The "clever" team who came up with the idea for the connection cable to be mounted permanently into the device eh?
    [rant mode off]

    it works OK on iphone4s - but has it's random glitches such as - one has to start apps in a certain order to have the midi in working! Seriously! When I launch audiobus and than start with ik smapletank - midi does not work. If i launch audiobus than loopy and than ik sampletank - midi works fine. lol it is weird.

  • @Tom
    Got it ...is it right decision to switch on Irig MIDI?...on the web they claim it works with lightning and adapter .Anyone tried that?

    @Toni ...haha..it's true...weird stuff with Tascam .,,but when you figure order to connect ,is fine ..I will keep it like a souvenir

  • @Dark Well, i went for the iRig MIDI myself. I now connect it to my iPod 4th gen, as i don't have the lightning connector yet. But that connector is about the same price as the iRig itself... It is supposed to work though.

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