Great app, and a suggestion...

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Wow....What a great app.

As I am making my first tracks, here is what I am wishing for:

(and please note that I am not a very knowledgeable computer/music person, so there could very well be a name for what I am about to describe)

It might be called "Repeat, Confirm and Write."

Here's the scenario:

I lay a first track...The easiest one first, let's say the bass line.

Then the next one, let's say it's the rhythm guitar, no prob.

But then the next track, let's say it's a complex guitar lick...I can't get the timing right away. I have to do it again and again and again until I get it right. This requires a lot of flicking and clicking (menu, then re-record).

So, why not allow for a repeating recording loop that only "writes" the last cycle if you "confirm" it?

In other words, (1) recording starts normally (count in, at the top of the loop) (2) I play the lick all the way to the top of the next loop, then (2a) if am not satisfied with that performance, I simply continue playing the phrase at the top of the loop -- because I did not "confirm" the previous recording is not "written" or (2b) if I AM satisfied, then I gesture in some unique way ("confirm") to let loopy know that it should "write" the last cycle. If (2a), then it can indefinitely re-record (overwriting the previous loop) until it is "confirmed" via (2b).

The benefit is that the player can just keep playing until he/she gets it right, without having to diddle with the menus and wasting at least one cycle to press re-record. I could see that being a great thing if using Loopy for a live performance -- mess up one cycle, just keep going. No pause, no muss, no fuss.

Just a thought!



  • Thanks heaps!

    This is a really interesting idea! I'll have a think about it.
  • I like that idea, too - although consider that it might be adding that extra effort of gesturing by confirming when it might otherwise be unnecessary, i.e. you nail the take. I like how Loopy requires the minimal effort of tapping buttons to achieve a smooth workflow - but perhaps this idea could be implemented on a per loop basis for those parts that benefit from multiple takes?
  • For the reasons pepelemofo mentions, I would keep the default procedure as-is, but it would be great to have it as an option, on a per-track basis.

    But let me say it again, what a great, user-friendly app!
  • Indeed, a great app - and not to hijack your thread Difficulty but your suggestion got me thinking about the possibilities of having multiple takes... it would be great to have an option for that kind of cycle recording and be able to choose between takes, or comp pieces thereof, in a dedicated mixer panel. One could unfold a loop containing multiple takes and see them all at once... similar to my suggestion of unfolding (mother) loops that contain.... (little baby?) loops and see them all, rearrange, edit, what have you.... but again, a great app and a beautiful impementation of the looper paradigm which has yet to be fully realized in hardware or software form. I am sure Michael will be making this as fully featured and fun for all for some time, the future is bright with Loopy!
  • Ah yes, takes/undo/redo will be coming soon; I'm currently planning on adding "pages" to each loop, so that you can swipe left and right across the loop to switch between each page. When you record a new take (swipe right onto a blank version, then record, or simply clear and record), you can then swipe back to switch to the prior take. Same with overdubbing - after you've stopped overdubbing, you'll be able to flick back to the loop as it was before the overdub. Sound like enough?
    Thanks again =)
  • sounds like a very intuitive and logical enhancement, indeed - and I do like the flick gesture quite a bit. I guess it's enough.... for now (grumble, grumble) ;0)
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