metronome sounds

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Hi Im new to loopy.Wondering if there are any other options for the metronome sounds other than a hi-hat/bass drum. Im creating live drum loops in front of people and I think hearing this could confuse them. Would prefer to have a simple beep or a woodblock type this possible?


  • Hey, @doubletap - not quite yet (although you can, of course, import your own metronome loop), but I have plans to remedy this at some point.
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    wondering if during loop recording there is a way to have metronome play during the entire loop and not just during count in? (I know this is possible by importing my own metronome loops but wondering if I can do it internally?)

    and also - been trying to figure out what does the "count-out recording" setting do?as well - what does the "count in/out mute" setting do?

    I watched all tutorials and read help sections but still unsure..

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    ok just realized what "count out recording" does, still unclear on the rest
  • I suspect this probably answers your question about the metronome:

    Count-in/out mute will cause the track to count in before playing when you tap it, and count out before stopping when you tap it again.
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