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In the description of loopy features I found: "Tracks of any multiple or fraction of a beat". Nice! But how to do?


  • There are a couple of ways - you can disable count-in/count-out, and just time it yourself. Or, you can use the clock controls to multiply or divide the clock length, and your new tracks will take on that length. Take a peek at the tutorial for more info.
  • Thank you for your quick answer. When I read it, I realized that I meant a different thing. What I want to do is: I recorded a loop and then I want to shorten it, for example playing only half of the recorded length. Is that possible to do in Loopy?
  • Not yet, no, although I'm always open to requests =)
  • Somewhat related: it would also be nice if you could *lengthen* a loop by adding loops 'sequentially', so that two loops A and B form one new loop A+B, twice as long, first playing loop A immediately followed by loop B. Maybe two-finger drag followed by a confirmation button?
  • Wow, that's a novel one! I'll keep it in mind =)
  • My idea is having the rightmost circles always linked to play in sequence, with the user swiping up or down on a wheel to choose how many of a is played before b starts, and of b before c starts, finally cycling to a. Mst obviously for verse, bridge, chorus, verse.

    Then you can build up from left to right to make the verse on the first row, bridge second, chorus third, but still have 9 circles for making new stuff up and genuinely live performing.

    This would eliminate the need to be touching the circles so often when you really want a predictable progression. The more time you're touching it in lieu of sequencing, the less time you are playing instruments. In the end, even if you look at the loopy demo videos, many people are pre-recording things and you may as well be triggering with an mpc instead. Its not impressive to see someone doing that, and it is disappointing to see that stuff put up as a demo video.

    This sounds too critical and i apologise. Being fundamentally a guitarist means i cant just beatbox and hum my way through a live performance, pressing circles instead of playing. If you are pre recording stuff it just becomes an interactive backing track. . . A very good one. Hmm.
  • Hi @Jezzur - I suspect that in your case, given the way you feel about it, Loopy might just not be the right tool for the job; Loopy's a live-looper, not a sequencer or a DAW, and it's just not designed for the kind of usage scenario you describe. Have you tried something like Beatmaker or Nanostudio?
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