Loopy controlled by sequenzer app?

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I just started to play with the loopy on my iphone. I think about buying the tascam iu2, but not to control loopy with a midi-footboard but with a sequenzer (midifile-player). I want to "programm" the songs, so that everything (record, play, mute) runs automaticaly. But perfect would be, if loopy would understand midi not only from a midi-interface, but also from an internal midi-app. Is there a way to manage this?

Thanks for your support.


  • Hi Matt,

    Yep, Loopy can do that. Just select the app as a source. If you don't see the app, then the app isn't properly advertising itself; you might need to use the MIDI Bridge app.
  • Thank you Michael for your quick answer.
    I started trying with logic (macbook) over wifi and it really worked. I could install the bindings and control Loopy. Wow, first I was very happy. But that was just to try, cause the plan is to control it with an app. And it didn´t work stable anyway ...

    It´s not easy to find a good app for my project, There´s a lot of apps without midi out. Even Garageband! The Sweet midi player seems quit good. But the Midievents (notes) doesn´t reach Loopy. I use the Midi Bridge app, and there I can see, that the signals leave the Sweet midi player (the Midi-bridge icon and the conected Loopy icon flash). But when I go to the Loopy-Settings (-> midi control inputs -> midibridge -> add binding) it always is "waiting for Midi events ..."
    What am I doing wrong?!
    Another notice: I don´t know if you know the "little midi machine" ? This little step sequenzer can reach loopy. But not when I want to go (in the settings) via the coremidi outputs. It´s only working, wenn I enable what they call the "littlemidi virtual ports" Maybe this info helps ...

    Anyway, really great App! I used to have a rc 50, then ehx 2880 and found out, that I need loops of different lenght ... And now I crossed Loopy and I´m really thrilled by it´s potential !! If I cannot handle my problem, the last thing would be to save some money and buy a cheap hardware midiplayer. Maybe that´s safer anyway on stage, so that the iphone could only run Loopy ....

    ... but maybe you have an idea before?!

    Thank you.
  • Hmm, I'm afraid I'm not really familiar with those apps, but if Loopy just sits saying "waiting for MIDI events", then it's not actually getting any MIDI input. Is Loopy in the foreground when a MIDI event comes in, or are you switching out to the other app and triggering MIDI events from there? Loopy currently suspends when in the background, unless it's currently playing, so it might not be receiving MIDI because it's sleeping (this is about to change in the next update).

    You mentioned it wasn't very stable? Did you see crashes, or were there problems with the MIDI messages getting through?

    Incidentally, it doesn't help you right now, but I'm thinking hard about adding a sequencing (actually, probably more like UI interaction recording) feature, which lets you record actions, and play them back. Might help in the future.
  • I started the apps, changed to Midibridge and saw, that the signals passed through. Then I switched to Loopy, but only the little midi machine´s signals arrived.

    Now I found out, that little midi machine might have influnced Loopy more than it should: I deleted it from the iphone, but Loopy still showed it as possible input app. Even the connection with Logic via Wlan didn´t work any more. Now I installed new Loopy, and LMM is not there any more, and also Network again works stable in my short tests today.

    What I used to have the first day were problems with the timing. It seemed that the signals took to long sometimes over wlan. I recorded a metronom, than commanded at a "1" to stop looping and playback the loop. And while letting the original klick go on, I heard the looped klick a bit later.

    So to be really safe I think/hope a cable connection (tascam iu2) works better.

    However ... at the moment I have no more questions.

    Thanks a lot for your support.
  • Oh, it just occurred to me to mention - I think I'm going to add a manual latency compensation slider to the MIDI metronome settings, to help compensate for network lag. I think that might make things a bit better.
  • Using a Roland ax7 ketar which has a start/stop switch .I connect to looper via a yamaha imx1midi interface to apple iPad .I starts and stops fine but all loops play at 120 bpm.does not do this when I by pass midi and start normally.How can I get the loops to play at right tempo when I use remote midi start
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