New to Loopy

Hi Michael,

I am new to Loopy, and the wonderful world of iOS in general, and wanted to thank you for creating this wonderful app - one of the main reasons I am now enduring typing on this confounded ipad... Anyway, in the short time I've poked around Loopy I've come up with some ideas that might enhance the experience for me at least, hopefully others as well.


I find the the kick drum on the one to be a bit too powerful compared to the hi hat on the other beats - the pulse is very strong and I hope that a more neutral, less suggestive option could be included in the forthcoming update. Perhaps without the kick and just an accent on the hi hat on beat one?

Grouping Loops

I really like this feature and think it might be nice to be able 'explode' a master loop to show the individual loops contained therein for further editing or rearranging.

Loop Color/ID

I like the simple interface and the corresponding simple color scheme of orange on black, evocative of my favorite holiday, Halloween. My first thought on making a few loops was wishing that the recorded loop turned orange instead of grey, which seems to suggest a ghostly emptiness instead of a cheery bright orange bucket full of inspiration. I see that there have been suggestions recently of having other colors availailable and/or text to identify and organize the loops, I second those suggestions and would celebrate the diversity of a rainbow hued, text enabled interface as well.

Loop Adjustment

Another suggestion I would endorse is the ability to fine tune the loop as previously described by showing the beat divisions when rotating the start/end points. Perhaps that action could be 'blown up' to get a good view of where those points lie. Another idea might be to 'unroll' the loop for that action so that we could see the duration of the loop in the familiar linear view and possibly apply fades in and/or out and then roll it back up once it's nice and tidy. Maybe this sort of in depth editing could be contained in a mixer view with other possible advanced features I imagine might be on the way?


I heartily endorse implementing reverb at the least but delay and other modulations would be most welcome!


Yes! Thank you!

That's all I got for now - I look forward to getting better acquainted with this wonderful tool you've dreamed up. I've been looping since I bought an Electrix Repeater, and sold shortly thereafter, up to Live 8, which never worked as well as I had hoped - Loopy is so far proving to be pure fun, thanks again for the gift of your genius!


  • Thanks heaps for the kind words & feedback @pepelemofo! I'll have a think about these.
  • Thanks for your consideration, Michael. Regarding the metronome: I neglected to mention that I really like the tone of it, the hi hats are particularly musical - I actually think of them as accompaniment rather than a command to be obeyed and adjusted to - well done. One more suggestion there: it would be nice to have the icon for it be on the same panel as the tap/bpm/signature as they are so closely related in functionality and would eliminate the extra navigating to and fro. Perhaps the bpm slider could be redesigned in regards to efficiency to accomodate the extra icon - it seems to respond to movement only after quite a bit of travel along its length. Also, the display is often blocked from view by the finger while adjusting, I am finding.
  • Oh, I see now how the bpm slider allows for finger travel beyond the boundaries of the arrows - pehaps then the slider could be shortened to the same length as the time signature icon to accomodate the metronome and bulb icons, which might benefit from a brightness control? Another thought: perhaps sliding starting from within the boundaries could be a course adjustment shown in whole numbers and the two arrows could be tapped to fine tune to a decimal point? Yet another thought/request: could you allow for the option of choosing between a 1/4 and 1/8 note pulse?
  • Cheers! =)

    That's not a bad idea, moving the metronome toggle to the tempo controls, but it's worth mentioning that I do have some pretty big plans for the metronome - i'm actually gonna turn it into a fully fledged drum sequencer (you can see a prototype here:)
    So, eventually it will definitely need its own panel section to switch between patterns, etc.

    I'll take another look at the BPM slider.
  • wowzers, now that's what I call a metronome! or, rather a drum sequencer.... ;) exciting, indeed. I like how you open-pinched to get a finer value on the grid and retained that upon scaling the view back down and also doubled the length to two bars so easily. I have to admit that It's been at least 25 years since I've used a drum machine but have been tempted by the DM1 teaser I see on the toob. As a drummer I of course have a prejudice against the mechanical precision of these things and in my experience it's usually been too time consuming to edit and refine a beat so that it comes close to the real thing in terms of sound and feel. Of course, many would argue that sequenced beats are established enough by now to be the real thing... it's all good, and whatever works is the right tool to use. I look forward to seeing how you develop this, it looks to be very promising at whatever stage it is at now - and I will contain any further commentary until you perhaps solicit opinions or feauture requests from the community, except to say: please consider this not as a replacement for a simple metronome but as a whole other albeit not unrelated tool - it would be nice to have a simple metronome nestled with the tempo controls, too.
  • That looks amazing, Michael! I actually considered asking for this feature a few days ago but didn't think it would fit with the app's concept ;) this is really exciting, especially for practice. Do you think we will (eventually) be able to load our own samples?
  • As someone who checks the forum daily, I have to de-lurk and ask this burning question, Michael.

    When is the next version coming out???

    I know you've dropped hints on various threads about something coming within weeks, but, can you give us a date? Please know that I'm asking this as a very excited fan who is anxious to kick the tires on this new version! I'll even buy it again! Give us a date!
  • @pepelemofo - Cheers =) I certainly do intend to retain simple metronome-like functionality with it.

    @thatsRayor - Good timing! Yep, it has built-in sample pack support, and you'll be able to make and use your own.

    @mrjantz - Hahaha, my thanks for your enthusiasm ;-) Soon!! The Soonth of Soonthuary, Soonty-Soonty-Soon, at Soon-Soonty-Soon PM. Honestly, giving an actual date never works, but it'll be done when it's done, and I fully expect that to be within the next week or two. This update's going to mostly be a refactor and optimisation release (and is going to include *cough*Audiobussupport*cough*)
  • @Michael, cheers back at ya! Looking forward to all the optimisations, refinements, and refurbishments - and most especially to taking that audiobus for a spin, "let's roll"... vroom, vroom!
  • Soonth of Soonthuary, Soonty-Soonty-Soon, at Soon-Soonty-Soon PM will come the update, this sounds like....tomorrow morning. Its in my Diary know.
    LoL Michael you made my day! thx
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