Loopy + other apps ? (a newbie question)

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Hi there,
I am a newbie when it comes to sound/recording/equipment and even Apple products but when I found Loopy and played around with it on my dads phone (which I´ve forced him to download), I´ve decided to save up for an iPad and "have my own".
I´ve scouted the forum for some time, but I haven´t found a clear answer (meaning "one that I would understand") to a question that I have in my mind.

Is it possible to run loopy and some other "effect" apps at the same time, on one device?
Let´s say microphone input hardware + amplitube/iShred/RiotFX/mobile in app or whatever + Loopy and go crazy. *cough*DubFX*cough*
Or it just doesn´t make sense? Please mind that I don´t have much experience with Ipads/iOS in general, so I might be completely wrong and hallucinating - if so, I´d like to find it out before I invest :)

Or the way to go is to have some "real" effect boxes/pedals and go mic -> effects -> cable input -> iPad + Loopy?
And while I´m at it. Does any "universal" piece of hardware (that would enable to plug both guitar OR a microphone in) exist? Would you recommend?

Thanks a lot in advance for your answers.



  • Hi Jakub. Right now, no - you'll need hardware. Soon, yes - see my new project, http://audiob.us.
    As for hardware, I'm sure there'll be people on the forum who'll be able to suggest some stuff.
  • Awesome! Thanks for such a quick reply Michael. And since I have the possibility: Thanks for the most amazing app I have ever seen!
  • That's very kind of you, thanks heaps! =)
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