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How to maximise system ressources on iPad for best performance

edited April 2012 in Techniques

i just want to share my expericence regarding performace issues on the iPad and show you, how you can maximise system ressources for best and stable performance.
I didnt tested this on iPhone/iPod touch, but it should work there too.
However, use this tips on your own risk.

1) Use the "Airplane Mode"
I can't stress how important that is. I think it is described in the loopy-manual, if not, it clearly should be.
Airplane mode disables all wireless features (Cellular, Bluetooth, GPS, Location Services) and you will see loopy running much more stable. Learn more about airplane mode here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1355

2) Free up your memory - part 1
Memory (RAM) is a big problem with the ipad, as the ipad1 only has 256 MB built in RAM (512 MB in ipad2).
Ever wondered why your facebook-app is crashing while loading long feeds? Thats why: It runs out of memory.
Some apps (i.e. iCabMobile, a internet browser) have a feature to let the user watch if memory is running low, so that you can close tabs and prevent crashing.
So, Tip#2 is: double click the Home-Button and close all open applications, before starting loopy, to free up memory.

3) Free up your memory - part 2
If you want to get the maximal amount of free memory on your ipad, follow the next steps.
First of all, you need to jailbreak your iPad. I wont show you how, just search the web and take all the precautions as mentioned on various jailbreak websites. I use a jailbreak since day1 and had never any problems.
I use the jailbreak only for easier transfer of bigger files (i.e. loopy-files) using an FTP-Connection and for running an extremely useful app called "SBSettings". See a video about it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxuMf5JRnpo
On your jailbroken iPad start the app "Cydia" and search for SBSettings and install it.

So, what does it do? If you swipe with your finger along the status bar on top of the ipad, a dropdown-menu opens and gives you some buttons to instantly turn on/off Wifi, Bluetooth, adjust Screen Brightness etc.
Its much more convienient and faster than running the systemsettings app.
There is one button called "processes". There you can see all apps currently running on your ipad.
What i noticed is, that some system-apps like "ipod" and "videos" dont show up by doubleclicking the home button, although they are actively running in the background of your ipad, consuming memory!
You can end these processes in this menu and on top of it you can click on a button called "free up memory".
I do this while no app is running in the background, because all apps will be closed.
It takes about 5 seconds and on my iPad 1 increases the free memory from about 108 MB to 142 MB, even when no app was running. Thats 31% more memory, folks! Worth the hassle, don´t you think?

Have fun,

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