Crazy idea? Free iPad from Alesis io Dock via dock extender cable and use Loopy

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i am using myipad in a live situation next to the mic for my leadsheets and lyrics. io Dock is great but too bulky to set it up like that. now the idea: connect a dock exender cable to the io Dock and then connect the ipad outside of the io dock.
in this way i would have the slim ipad next to me and the io dock with all the functionality on a stand. there is a 1.8m extender cable available.
Has anyone tried this?
Extender Cable:ängerungskabel-180-schwarz/dp/B0041D6CFY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1333297488&sr=8-1


  • Haven't tried it, but have had the same thought. Can't see any reason it wouldn't work.
  • yes, it works without problems
    also nice for apps that are restricted to vertical screen design
    (the tilted dock's surface isn't so great in that orientation...)
  • it works like a charm. love it!
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