volume jumps with iRig

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hi! just bought loopy and i'm having some initial issues with it. i'm running a synth in to loopy via an iRig, and i'm finding the volume is jumping from quiet to loud(er) after a split second if i'm using a sound with a slow attack - but its even more pronounced if the synth's volume is down; when that's the case the volume jump takes a another 1/4 second to hit and it doesn't matter what the synth's attack is. the inverse also occurs: a sound with a long decay with abruptly lose volume as it naturally fades out. what's going on?!


  • Hey @copyofcopy - you're hearing Loopy's noise gate kicking in. If you're going to be using slow attacks, it's probably better to just turn it off. Settings, Noise gate/expander, then disable.
  • ah, thanks!
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