Mute the internal Mic of the iPodtouch/iPhone/iPad

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Hey guys,

as already someone said, while using the iRig, loopy also uses the internal Mic of the Device for Recording.
It´s a problem because you don´t get "clean" loops. Very bad for Live-Gigs.

Would be nice if you could choose the input or if loopy would mute the mic while the iRig is connected.

Is it possible?


  • Hey @beethekook - I'm actually in the process of refactoring Loopy (I've since totally rewritten the audio engine with something awesome), and I'll fix this problem along the way. So, stay tuned.
  • Wow, I´m glad to hear that! :) Thanks! :)
  • Dear Michael,

    When will this problem be fixed? It's the only thing that is keeping me from using your app. I've bought your app and I'm very pleased with the amount of features and the fact that I can map it to my Softstep. Nevertheless, I only have an iRig, which means that I can't really use your app. That's a shame :)
  • I'm working on an update now, @eeescape, and should have it sorted soon.
  • Super! :) Thanks!
  • Has this been "fixed" yet? Really an incredible app...way to go!
  • Not quite sure yet, @Ianjamespiano - I suspect it's probably good to go now, but I'm going to run it by someone with an iRig to be certain.
  • Hi Michael Love the App I use for on the fly ideas when I'm out and about. Question will there be a Manuel Mic Mute and or Auto Record Mic Punch and out Mute Function to come?
  • ...My early comment could also be expand to Line in inputs (iRig) as well as the built in microphone!
  • Sorry about the delay, @TBoy - You can already switch off playthrough in Settings, so you don't hear the live audio going in the mic. A sound-triggered punch in is on my todo list.

    Not sure what you meant about "out mute function", though, I'm afraid.



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