Where are the video tutorials?

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I'm new to this technology and found the in app tutes terrible. I need to see people using it as I am completely lost with how to work this app.


  • Me too. I'm even having difficulty starting a new track.

    It's hard to know when recording starts, and many times the recording is only a second long after recoding a whole phrase.
  • Well, no responce... Interesting...
  • I'm sorry, Eddie - I wasn't quite sure what to say =) There're a few explanatory demos out there that users/artists have put together that describe the basic operation (take a look at the first few videos at http://loopyapp.com/featured-artists.

    While I'd like, at some point, to create more content, I'm too busy actually working on the app at the moment, developing new features and refining existing functionality, and it's not something that's been widely requested.

    Is there anything in particular that's giving you trouble? I'm happy to answer any questions.

    If you're having trouble with recording tracks of different lengths, then try either playing with the clock length manipulators on the panel (the x, ÷, +, - buttons), or even just turn off count-in and count-out.
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