New Loopy / Loopy HD update soon?

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Hi. I just joined the forum last night. :-) I REALLY love Loopy HD on the iPad, but like many others here I'm hoping that the issue with how audio inputs (especially via the Alesis IO Dock) will be addressed in the next update. Loopy is currently the only audio app I use on the iPad where the input signal doesn't "sound right".

In GarageBand iOS, for example, audio track gives you a choice of input signals: left channel, right channel and stereo (both channels). If you choose either the left or the right channel, the signal is sent to the track as mono. Such a setting or something similar would be great for Loopy.

When can we expect an update to address this issue?



  • Thanks Charles!

    I'm in the middle of refactoring Loopy and addressing this stuff, so relatively soon (a couple of weeks, maybe?)
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    Sounds good! :-)

    Like I wrote previously, I really LOVE Loopy. I have every looper app for iOS and Loopy is in my honest opinion the best one out there. I give workshops on the subject of live looping at the performing arts academy I work at here in Germany, and Loopy HD is one of my main teaching aids. :-)) Good stuff.
  • That's lovely, thankyou!
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