Simple backing tracks

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I would like to use loopy to simply trigger loops already recorded as backing tracks . simply on and off like you would to by tapping the middle of the loop> I am trying to configure my softstep to do this and it does not seem to have a simple play function in the midi binding process. any help would be appreciated



  • Hi Paul - Loopy doesn't have 'sample triggering' functionality; loops are just played back as loops, in time. I'm considering adding this at some point, but not in the immediate future.

  • any update on this?
    would love this function as well!

  • if not, does anyone have an app to recommend?

  • @ropedmusic As far as I know, this is not going to be in LoopyHD. The good news is, there are multiple “sample payback” apps available.

    I would check out Samplebot, Michael’s most recent app, which can easily do what you want, and has great MIDI options for controlling externally.

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