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Cheap iPhone Home Looping Solution

edited March 2012 in General
Sup guys.

I deperately want to get Kaoss Pad 3's to run through loopy. But those things are about £250 each and a versatile looper like the Loopy App is like...£450!!!! So in the meantime I bought these:

- Loopy iPhone App - The god of all looping solutions. Price = £0.69p when I bought it I think.

- Boss VE-20 Vocal Performer - Has some looping functionality, but more usefully it has vocal effects that can improve your overall sound, provide harmony parts, synthesizer effects, etc. Price = £150

- Apogee Jam Guitar iPod Interface - This gives you a way to plug a proper mic & pedals into the input of your iPhone. Runs through the data port. Price = £75.00

- StarTech.com 7.1 USB Audio Adapter Sound Card - This helps compress and sort out the sound going into your pc/laptop. If you have an awesome sound card anyway you might not need this. Price = £21

- Some Microphone - Price = £15

- A Guitar Cable - Price = £3

- A 3.55mm male to 3.55mm male cable - Price = £2

Total Price = £261.69 give or take £50


Plug your mic into the vocal performer (or another pedal), run the output of the pedal to the Apogee Jam, plug that into your iphone, launch the Loopy App, run the speaker output of the iphone to a mic input on your sound card. run a cable from the sound card to some speakers.

I had to disable my other integrated speakers and microphone in Windows Control Manager in order to use the external sound cards in and outputs.

Give me a shout if you're trying anything similar!
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