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User Manual?

Is there a user manual, possibly in pdf format, that i could download??? Thanks.


  • Hi @playzabass - there's not, no, although I do intend to make a series of tutorial videos at some point. It's on my to-do list somewhere a bit below the next update, though, I'm afraid =)
  • im sure there was some help thing in the app itself with diagrams?
  • There is indeed
  • Start, stop, delete, mute and all the basics finger motions would be a great help and save a lot of time. Just tapping hoping for the best through osmosis and frustration (waste of time). For example, how do you turn off the metronome once you've recorded a few loops, can loops be of different times/lengths, etc

  • Have you seen "Help" in the app, @sbdrum?

  • Maybe I'll write a manual and sell it for .99 on the App Store. ;)

  • Thanks Michael, I didn't and my apologies. I'll work in that section and hopefully get it on! - Much appreciate such a quick response. Once I get the hang of it, this app is going to be great.

  • Is there a way to share the loops you make by text or FB?

  • It’s not a manual but I copied the midi commands from the App and put them in a PDF. It made it a little easier for me to plan out how I was going to setup my midi pedal.( I use a Looptimus).
    I couldn’t figure out or it wouldn’t let me attach a PDF so I just took some screen shots of it. If anybody would like it in a PDF format you can contact me and I would be glad to send it.
    Also I am brand new to this and just figuring things out as I go. Looking for info on the web and YouTube. If anybody wants to point me to some tutorials that I should be checking out. I’d love to see them. I would also like to know what and how others are using midi pedals to control loopy. My Looptimus has 6 foot switches with 20 banks and 1 master switch that performs the same function on all banks. It also has a default bank [ ] that you can pull up by long pressing on the next bank switch. I use that bank so I can quickly jump to that bank because all I have programmed to the six foot switches in that bank is each foot switch selects its corresponding loop. So I can long press on next and pick a loop then hit next one more time in I’m in bank one and I can then set up six more commands to the six foot switches. Hit next again and I’m in bank two with 6 more commands. Same thing again and I’m in the third bank. I could do this twenty times but I think its going to be hard enough just keeping track of four banks.
    I’m just using a KORG nanoKEY2 now for a keyboard input I plan on replacing that with a AKAI Professional MPK Mini MK3 - 25 Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller. That will allow me to map some volume and pan controls to the knobs on the MPK.

    I attached a picture of what I’m working with right now. If anybody has any suggestions or advice for me I’d love to hear it.

    I came to this forum looking for some kind of manual. Was just going to post what I had typed up then went off on a rant. So if this post belongs somewhere else I apologize. And would be happy to move it to a proper forum.

    Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom anybody has to share.

  • Another vote here for a text manual for Loopy Pro.
    Video tutorials & in-app walkthroughs don't work for me.
    Thank you!

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