How do you bind MIDI to actions?

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I am using a Yamaha MFC10 via the IODock. I can see via MIDI monitor that the MFC10 is sending note on/off messages but I can only seem to bind one action... When I try to bind additional actions, it tells me that the note event is already bound to "Next track"... Isn't it possible to use MIDI note on/off to trigger actions?


  • Hi @rjbullock - Currently, you can only bind one action per MIDI event. I will be adding action chaining relatively soon, but it's not in there yet.

  • Michael, but isn't a C note on/off event different than a D note on/off? ALL notes are considered the same event? That's odd.
  • Oh, no, each note is considered a separate trigger. I may have misunderstood your description. So you're trying to bind actions for several different MIDI notes, but you're seeing "already bound" messages when you try to bind new triggers?
  • Correct. I am sending a different note, but it's saying it's already bound.
  • Ah - Hmm, that's a bit odd. When it says it's already bound, does it show the correct note name as well? (the one you're currently pressing, not the one you previously bound)
  • It does seem to be flashing the wrong note... I'll double check and let yoou know.
  • Michael, it flashes the note on/off message for the right note that I'm pressing on the keyboard, but then it still says "Bound to next track"... Actually, it says that before I even press the note. I'm confused... maybe I'm doing something wrong, but it just doesn't seem to work correctly.
  • Interesting, it sounds to me like maybe there's some MIDI signal being sent constantly by the device or something. Anyway, I'm right in the middle of a big refactor, so I'll see if anything shows up in the process. If not, I'll dig deeper.
  • Michael, looking at MidiMonitor, there's only one event per key/pedal press that I'm seeing. What's weird is that as soon as I click "Add Binding" it says "Bound to 'Select Next Track'"... I'm curious, does anyone have the active sense stuff working? Could someone post of a video of how you do it? I really need it to work for an upcoming gig...
  • This is very, very odd. It seems most likely to me that there's a problem with the hardware (as I've not heard any other users seeing this kind of behaviour), but that doesn't really get us a solution.

    Do you have any alternative hardware you can work with?
  • Oh - and what's on screen when it gives you the 'already bound' message? What's the trigger? (if in doubt, use the file attachment thing on this forum to screenshot me)
  • Michael, I'm not sure how to describe it, but I can add the first binding, but when I try to add a second one, in the "New Binding" screen it always says "Bound to 'Select next track'", before I even press anything. When I create the initial binding it says "Active Sense"...
  • Oh, I'm using the Alesis ioDock which had some audio issues, but I haven't had any MIDI problems with it and the audio is fixed as well.
  • Oh!!! AHA! I wish I'd asked that right at the start. I know how to fix it. Stay tuned.
  • Cool! Thanks. ;-)
  • Any word on this? Same probem, or so it seems.

    I'm using the Alesis with a Roland FC-300. Loopy is showing activity is not accepting the bindings
  • It's all fixed in the next update, @tommytwang - I'm expecting it to hit the app store basically any hour; it's been in review for a fair while now, so it can't be much longer.
  • Great news! I'll keep hitting F5 in anticipation. thanks for your hard work
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