Audio In options (iRig/etc... vs Apogee Jam/etc...)

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Just wondering if you guys have advice on whether the $100+ audio in options such as Apogee Jam, Line6 Mobile In, Alesis iO or others that plug into the USB connector are worth spending extra money on.

I am trying to compare those with the adapters that plug into the audio jack, such as iRig or GriffinConnector which are less than half the price.


  • If you care about audio quality, then the answer is definitely yes- it will be noticeably better plugging in through the dock connector.

    If you're on an ipad, there may be better solutions depending on what you want to record. You can plug a majority of USB audio interfaces in via the camera connection kit which could give you more options (microphone inputs, MIDI etc).
  • As I have stated elsewhere, using my mic sm-58 of shure with irig and my phone, I get low output. Somebody sugggested to add a pre-amp if using a rig like mine. I have not tried yet. I'll come back on that one.
  • Ok cool, so sounds like for audio quality it's worth it.

    Any advice on which one to use? Apogee Jam looks pretty good, anyone have experience with it?
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