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cck input/output is mono or stereo?

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I connected the iphone with the CCK and the behringer UCA222 and RCA input (stereo) direct from my pedalboard gr-55.

The headphones plugged in while UCA222 was recorded in loopy hd, was in stereo, but when playing back the recording was in mono.

Is that so? Thanks


  • I don't have an UCA222, but one thing to check is the input selection in Loopy. When I have my iPad connected to my IODock (2 channel audio), I have 3 choices: Left, Right or Left and Right. The UCA222 looks to be Stereo in (2 channel audio), therefore I would expect that you will have a choice in Loopy similar to mine.

  • Hi, Ganthofer.

    yes, UCA222 is stereo. The stereo sound is also played, but the sound is recorded in mono, even the usb. Or is there some setting on the iphone or loopy hd?

  • In Loopy, there is a choice of inputs when you have more that 1 channel of audio. With only the built in mic and no external hardware, there is no choice. With 2 channels you should be able to select and you want to select Left Right together to get stereo.

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    thanks, work very well now.

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