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Loopy MIDIng OUT track's state

hi michael,

is there any chance in the future, that loopy outputs via midi the muted/unmuted state of the loops?
when using a external controller that has visual feedback, if you don't have loopy in the foreground, it's very useful that loopy would send MIDI x value 0 when track is muted, and MIDI x value 127 when track is unmuted. so your controller reflects which tracks are currently playing.

is this possible?


  • I would love this as well. Whenever I have had bindings set up for specific loops I've always had to complete the loop with a different button set to just toggle the current loop. That way the color/led will remain on even though I've toggled the recording of that loop. It's a workaround but if Loopy actually outputted that info it would be amazing.

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