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iRig STOMP and Loopy?

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Hey Guys,

I found this --> http://www.ikmultimedia.com/irigstomp/features/

and now I´m curious about if Loopy works with the iRig STOMP.
This would be so great!


  • Hey @beethekook - Hmm, I'm not certain, but I suspect not. I don't see any mention of Core MIDI compatibility, which suggests to me that it might have a custom interface. It does say it's "compatible with any iOS guitar/amp/instrument app", although that may apply to its audio channel only, not the control channel.
    I'd have to have more info from iRig, I think, but I suspect that if it was Core MIDI-capable, it'd say so, front and centre.
  • Ok, so please report when you know more about. Would be a really nice thing i guess
  • hi there, of course irig stomp will work. It doesn't have any midi compatibility or incompatibility, it's stomp pedal is only made for muting/unmuting the sound signal sent to the idevice, not to send any data to the idevice. so it is as any other ios audio interface, but with a foot on/off schwitcher.

    hopefully we will have a decent and price affordable ios audio interface soon... all the rest available audio ios interfaces in the market are just toys! (one of the worse ones is precisely the irig... lets hope they have done a better job with irig stomp).

    but we still have to wait until may 15th for it to be released! ...they are taking their timeeeeeee
  • Ah - thanks for the info, Gamuso =)
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    iRig Stomp doesn't have any MIDI connectivity but offers a ton of great audio features. From the aluminum chassis to the active circuitry to minimize noise, cross talk and make it easier to use this with your real guitar and pro audio equipment. Plus it plays back audio through its 1/4" connectors for any audio app.

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  • @IKObi, welcome to the Loopy community, and I don't at all mind your participation here, but if you wouldn't mind dialling down the salespitch-speak, I'd appreciate it.

  • I bought one of these to use with Loopy and had to send it back. Not only does it make my bass sound weak by removing all low-frequency content, but it does the same for guitar. It also clips/distorts on strong attack, be it with bass or guitar. To avoid this, one has to turn the volume down really low. That leaves a situation
    where your dry/bypassed sound is really loud and then it's really quiet when the pedal is engaged.

  • Hi all!
    I went to a music store to buy iRig and I saw iRig Stomp!
    I had read freakygeeky comment in this thread last night, so I asked about returning policy if iRig Stomp didn't offer what I expected but... It did!
    It's true that bypassed sound is slightly louder than engaged pedal sound but it's not a big deal, so I think freakygeeky's pedal was possibly defective (I didn't notice clips nor distort sounds).

    I tried it a lot, I played a lot, I looped a lot and I think its much more 'live performance' ready than iRig.

    P.S. Im from Spain, sorry for my poor english ;)

  • I've come to learn that there's a high-pass filter on the microphone input of the iPad and iPhone. This prevents low-frequency sound from ever getting into Loopy or any other application via the mic/headphone jack. This renders the iRig and iRig Stomp useless for any serious music application.

    What does work is using an interface that leverages the dock connector. I'm using an Alesis iO4 now and it seems to work perfectly.

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