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SynthStation25 compatible with Loopy??

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Does anyone know if Synthstation25 Akai is compatible with Loopy HD?

And if you can record audio through it? (external audio input).



  • Hmm. Just sold mine. Never really thought to try.

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    what I want is to simply use the dock to send power to the iphone / ipod and connect buttons on / off to activate the card midi commands in various apps (loopy, etc) and trigger pads also sounds (drums apps).

    ... and more, send the audio from the guitar with the gr-55 to loopy.

    it all on the floor with your feet.

    will it work?

  • I don't have one, but all the info I find only shows a headphone and stereo RCA connectors for output. There is no input ( are there more than one version of this controller?). Also, this is only for iPhones/iPods with the 30 pin connector, yes?.

    I think it is only a midi controller and they are just buffering the analog stereo audio that is available on the 30 pin connector. Most likely the keyboard itself has no sound capabilities, only midi and no audio input (analog or digital).

  • yes, I would have to try, I thought the plug p3 (1 in, 2 out). Would be recorded in monaural.
    Another idea that came up, if there was an adapter 30 pin (30 pin male, 30 pin female and USB A), so you could connect the usb that comes from the mixer (audio in / out).
    I'll talk to a technician in electronics or computer science.

  • I was about to buy one to test, but it seemed such a weak toy that changed my mind.

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