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Clearing Loopy HD Clipboard and User Loops

First off, Loopy HD is a fantastic and inspirational tool. I've used it for some time, and I'm thankful for the thought and effort that's clearly gone into the app. I appreciate that this issue is complicated both by the arrival of iOS 7 and Retronym's updates to AudioCopy.

In short, I'd like to be able to clear Loopy's Clipboard and User Loops cache. After a busy session of inter-app copying, I have a long list of "Loopy Track x (x.xs)" items that I'd like to remove from Loopy's Clipboard. The same goes for User Loops that I've sent to Loopy from other apps.

Previously (in iOS 6), I would use Kymatica's AudioShare to clear the General Clipboard and AudioCopy buffer. This would clear all the cached audio files in Loopy. Under iOS 7, Loopy's AudioCopy history is invisible to AudioCopy 2.0, and it can't be managed at all anymore.

I would have remained with iOS 6 and avoided these issues, but my iPad Air arrived with iOS 7 installed.

Could you please add the ability to swipe/delete Loopy Clipboard items? That would effectively solve the issue. Alternatively, do you have plans to support the AudioCopy 2.0 buffer in upcoming releases?

Thanks again for your time and attention. It's really appreciated.

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