Loopy App + Boss VE20 Pedal Effects

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Loopy App & Vocal Ve20 effects pedal song


  • Very cool stuff- great use of the technology :)
  • Really cool, Ben, nice one! (You're making me feel like getting back to work on Loopy and building in the new FX engine I've written recently =))
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    you should!!!!! that would be insanely awesome, some sort of synth effect would be extremely handy. I'm hoping to get a kp3 next month and replace the vocal pedal for bass effects in the meantime!


    I fixed the audio issue by using an external sound card which seems to help compress it a bit better. Much fun indeed.
  • i'd spend like £5 on this app at least btw xD
  • Thanks heaps for the feedback =) That's good to know! (Great video too, btw)
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