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Playback more than one track at the same time

edited December 2013 in Support and Feedback

I'm a new user and my missing something? Can Loopy playback more than one loop simultaneously?


  • Yes, 6 or 12 depending on the iDevice and layout selected. Simply tap (touch) the loop you want to start . Double tap to start immediately if you have Count-in/out enabled. The built in help has some good info to get started.

  • I have a question ganthofer...? When you loop one and then loop another track, you can hear the first track, on the second track. How do u stop that so you can drop out, 1 track (say the beat) and leave the others with no trace of the track that's muted?

  • @Keysie - not sure I understand, but here are some thoughts.

    • Is Fade-in/out disabled?
    • In your example: if you mute the beat track, the circle should be dimmed if it is truly muted.
    • If you still hear the muted beat loop, then perhaps it got recorded on the other loop.
      • Are you using Headphones when recording loops? external speakers? built-in speaker?
      • the built in mic
      • a headset (headphones with mic)

    describe you physical setup (e.g. just an iPhone with headphones, or ?)

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