one shot tracks

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It'd be great to have an option to have sample imported on the track as "non - loop" samples. and be able to fire up that track at will at any given time through midi signal or screen touch. like a simple drum pad.. this might not fit on the concept of this app, but lot of performers need this. :)

for example brass hit or cymbal accent, scratch etc.. this should have an option weather or not to stop current fire on replay of the sample. for example cymbals needs to keep going even if I fire it again before the end of the sample, scratch and brass hit might have to stopped and replayed. imagine what a fun this might be! haha

- Arnold


  • I agree!

    having a loop you can play once, or that you can hold to play that stops when u release and restarts when u hold down again would be extremely handy!
  • I agree. This is something I've been considering for a little while, so I'm most certainly not ruling it out.
  • Was this ever implemented?

  • Nope, not yet - there're quite a lot of things that are requested more often, so it's taken a bit of a back seat.

  • And there are other apps that will do this while running in the background. Samplr, sir sampleton and beatmaker come to mind.

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