Hearing loops while recording a new one

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Hi guys! Cool app! But I don't hear the already recorded loops when recording a new one. Also the metronome gets silent as soon as I start recording. But I need to hear it. How do I do that?


  • Cheers! That's an easy one - from the FAQ:

    Q: Why does the audio go silent when I record?

    A: Loopy is best used with headphones, or third-party audio equipment. Your device's inbuilt microphone is located directly beside the speaker, which means that anything played by the speaker while recording will be picked up (not what you want!).
    To combat this, Loopy ducks the playing audio whenever you record. If you have an iPhone 4 (or newer!), you will see a "Noise reduction" setting in Settings. Turn this on to try the inbuilt noise reduction and echo removal. Note, however, that this system was designed for speech, not for music, so the results may not be particularly good.

  • Does the audio "ducking" occur when an audio intereface is used, or just when the internal mic is the recording source? I'm waiting on a couple of new iOS audio/midi interfaces to hit the market, but would like to know if I'll be able to hear audio while layering on top - whether from a line in or mic source. Thanks!
  • It *should* only happen when the audio's coming from the internal mic, and when the audio is playing out the internal speaker. If you ever find that that's not the case, let me know straight away and I'll investigate.
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