Starting out with FCB 1010

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Hello Loopers!
This is such an amazing forum! So positive and helpful. I am hopeful to be loopin'-out in no time,
but weary that my MIDIphobia will get the better of me.
My FCB 1010 arrives today -- and I know it will take some setting up and learning -- but I want to avoid some
classic newbie pitfalls if possible.
QUESTION #1: Is it imperative I purchase and instal an EPROM chip before I do anything?
QUESTION #2: It it useful to have a midi editor app like this one:
...(is it possible to map bindings on my laptop into FCB -- then disconnect walk over to iPAD 2 connect and it reads it?)
QUESTION #3: Shouldn't Michael get an APP OF THE DECADE AWARD?

There are so many FCB users -- and while I've not explored the Yahoo group -- I wonder if anyone would like to create a white paper for "What to do with your FCP out of the box and LOOPY HD" ...

A question re: audio in's and out's: Here's my gear set-up:
GEAR: 2xSM58 mics / Elec guitar / Acous Guitar / Uke w/ pickup. INTO MIXER
MPKmini controller INTO powered USB HUB (not not a 3.0 - problem?)
iPAD 2 - 30pin extender cable - CCK - INTO USB HUB
USB HUB INTO Roland Duo Capture I/O
QUESTION: What is the best way to go FROM the MIXER INTO the I/O ?
The issue of channels being panned L & R in Loopy has been an for me..maybe because I think I have
to use both IN's on my I/O ? .... Is the RIGHT CONNECTION: 1/8" HEADPHONE OUT on MIXER to 1/4" LINE IN on I/O?
Should I use STEREO RCA via TAPE OUT on Mixer into a SINGLE LINE IN on I/O?
QUESTION: If I introduce guitar pedals -- should I use the FX SENDS on mixer? .... at one point I tired to integrate a TC HELICON guitar / vocal processor -- and really got myself in a pretzel. (newbie pitfalls) ....

So -- those are my questions -- and I thank you in advance for helping me sort it out.
Cheers -


    1. ROM upgrade is not necessary unless you want to do some pretty advanced shit.
      Otherwise, just hard reset the unit when you get it.
    2. I got a heavy duty editor and haven't used it once. Unless you want a fancy multi-action message being sent with a single foot press, there is no need to do any setup beyond default for the FCB1010. It can be useful to download a MIDI Monitor app to your ipad to make sure it is getting something. Once you know that, close loopy and reopen it, then go to the MIDI bindings and you should be good to go.
  • Hi Boberto --
    Thanks for that. I've seen instructions on the Hard Reset - so I'll be sure to do that. Midi monitor - got it.
    Any insight on Mixer into I/O? --- 3 inputs into MIXER -- into 1 INPUT 1 on I/O, and today, the mic is getting all the fx from AmpliTude.... ??!!
    Thanks again...

  • I can't tell you the specifics of your signal routing, sorry.

    I can, however, tell you that thisd is the free MIDI monitor I use -

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