set list support / sample name display / sub loop layer on merge

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I do lot of band gigs and find most of the app doesn't support set list.. I think it'd be great to have one for live performers.. Set list would be short cuts of sessions grouped together for the day's gig, so I can switch between songs easily.. :) let's say I have session A - Z on my device and planing to play, in order of, L / M / N / D / E / F today, I can create set-list 'today' and put L M N D E F on it, that way I don't have to remember set list nor browse through long list of sessions. :)

it'd be great to be able to show sample names on the track, so I can see which is which easily, or if you are worry about the design, plain color coded tracks would help a lot. Don't need a lot of colors, just 5 or so would be enough.

sub loop-layer is for keeping control on merged samples, instead of just merge them together, it'd be great we can open up merged samples as a sub-layer. IE when I merge sample A and B into track1, double tap on track1 would show pop-up windows where sample A and B still have separate control. Merge samples works really well for these already, but it'd be great to keep them separate even after they got merged, for more flexible performance. I think this way I can merge few samples together for each part of the song, ie intro/ verse/ chorus etc etc, and switching over between parts is easy like merged track, but still have flexibility to modify or make a variation on the fly..

Let me know what you think, I can dig into more details if you want.

- Arnold
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