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Amazing App! Would Love This To Replace my JamMan

edited December 2013 in Support and Feedback

Greetings.. Just purchased a BlueBoard and LoopyHD as my new family members for my iPad Air. I'm a guitar instructor, and have been using Digitech's JamMan for 4 years.. it's become an invaluable teaching component, but my eyebrows were raised with my introduction to Loopy, as most of my students own iPhones and pads, could not afford a JamMan, but certainly would jump on this app if I can get mine to do the following (I've been messing with the bindings but have not achieved this----->) Would love to be able to simply press a BBoard pedal, automatically trigger play/record with NO committed bar length, UNTIL I press another BBoard pedal (say "2") which would automatically "kick" me out of record mode and play my performance repeatedly. I apologize for my naivety within the Loopy app, but I bow to the powers that be for this to happen! Thanks so much, and keep up the amazing work. Steve


  • You can do this. All it requires is that you start with no tempo set (Reset Session). Toggle record to start and again to end. The loop then continues to play. This only works for the first loop. All subsequent loops are then based off of the Tempo ( set by the first loop) and the clock length setting.

    Hope that helps.

  • Ganthofer..looks like I was looking in all the wrong places. This indeed does the trick! Thanks a bunch!

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