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Best interface for iPad with lightning connection

I am after an interface that I can use with a new iPad (lightning connector), it needs to have at least 1x XLR input (vocals) and 1/4" input (guitar), it also needs to have midi so I can plug in some pedals (handsfree loopy) ideally I'd like to be able to charge the iPad too. I have looked at the 'Roland Duo-Capture' and then 'focusrite itrack', does anyone have experience with these models?


  • Hi @skirmish. I tried the Focusrite. It does not offer midi and I wasn't fond of the output signal that I was sending to a 16 track digital recording deck.
    I settled on the Alesis iodock. xlr and 1/4" ins and 1/4"out. It also has a foot pedal input which I haven't gotten around to using yet. Some occasional hanging midi notes is my only complaint.

  • Sorry. Just saw "lightning" connector" in your post. The Alesis and my iPad 3 have 30 pin.

  • Cheers @Ben, good to know the focusrite isn't the way to go! The iO dock looks great, I wish they'd update the model for newer iPads... Do I need an interface of would a small mixing desk and USB hub work just as well?

  • Hey @skirmish, I'm just using a Presonus Audiobox USB via the lightning Camera Connector Kit and a powered USB hub. Two dual XLR-1/4'' ins with phantom power and the midi works great! The only downside is that the iPad doesn't charge, but if it's juiced up beforehand you can play for probably 5-6 hours.

  • Save money. Use an adapter for your mic (if its dynamic), and get a Griffin StudioConnect for Lightning. $89.

  • Timblais, did you have to do anything special to get it to work? I have mine plugged into a powered usb hub and it's not outputting anything. It seems to record fine in garage band but I can't hear anything out the mains

  • Well I finally saved up enough to get an iPad Air, but needed to get something with more inputs than the Alesis IO Dock.
    I finally decided on the Akai EIE which has everything I need. It does not charge the iPad, but that isn't a really big deal for me. The preamps are really nice too.

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