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Equipment needed for setting up 'Loopy' with interface, ipad and pedals?!

Hello all,
I'm stuck and after some help, I currently play the acoustic guitar, harmonica and sing (nothing major just open mics, etc) and would like to start using 'Loopy' to build a sound whilst live on stage, I would also like be able to record it on my iPad for future reference. The problem is I have no idea what equipment I would need and how to go about it.

For home recording I am thinking of getting a 'Focusrite itrack studio' (or something similar if recommended) as my interface then linking this up with the iPad and Loopy, unfortunately;

A) I am unsure how to incorporate a set of pedals into this system in order to switch between tracks, etc?

B) Would I be able to select 'just vocals or just guitar' or will it record whatever I play/sing?

Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated,

Many Thanks


  • Sam - you need 1) stereo audio into and out of your iPad; 2) MIDI into your iPad; 3) a MIDI controller that supports or includes footswitches.

    Read though this forum (and others) on people's experiences with audio and MIDI interfaces for the iPad. There are lots of options: some good some not so good. You will need to get stereo audio into and out of the iPad (using the left channel, say, for your guitar; the right channel for vocal and or harmonica). Its best to use an interface with a 30-pin connector (or Lightning for newer iPads) for optimum sound quality. Get something that will keep your iPad charged while you are performing --- you don't want to get to the gig with a low battery and no charging!

    You will also need MIDI in to be able to control Loopy via footswitches. A lot of the iPad interfaces have both audio and MIDI support. Might as well get both in one box, right? Also think about where the interface and your iPad will be located and how you will get it there; mic stand? on a little table? suction cup on your leg? on the floor?

    You can set Loopy up so that you don't need to interact with the touchscreen at all (remote set up) and just use footswitches. Or you can set it up to use a mixture of footswitch control (record and start and stop loops) and touchscreen control (mutes, volume, etc).

    You need some footswitches that are connected to a "MIDI controller" that send out a specific MIDI command when you tap a switch. So you end up with:

    Footswitches --> MIDI controller --> MIDI cable --> iPad interface --> iPad + Loopy.

    Loopy is controlled using "MIDI bindings." You use bindings to dictate what will happen when specific footswitches are tapped to send MIDI (e.g., start recording a loop, pause, undo, switch between tracks, etc) to Loopy.

    A lot of folks use an "all in one" footswitch + MIDI controller like the Behringer FCB1010, or similar. Some of these are expensive and quite bulky. If you are handy with do-it-yourself projects you can build your own controller using something like a $50 "MIDI CPU" (google it) wired up to some inexpensive footswitches. Thats a fairly simple and low cost way to build something compact for your MIDI controller.

    In answer to your second question, Loopy supports stereo loops, so you could send a mono signal from your mic (vocal and harp) into, say, the left channel and one from your guitar into the right channel. That way you can set up loops to be hard panned left or right, or run the output into a small mixer to pan the mix of guitar vs vocal. There are different ways to do this, but ... yes you can select vocal or guitar for loops, or blend them as needed. Or you can have "guitar only" loops or "vocal only" loops.

    Hope that helps!

  • @soundog thanks so much for your response.. I shall do some more research into the interfaces, etc!


  • Check the thread here on "Griffin StudioConnect" .... they are on sale for a very low price ... if you have 30-pin connect, not Lightning.

  • Hi Sam,
    I'm very pleased with my current setup. It involves a Behringer X1204USB mixer (€165), a FCB1010 MIDI footswitch controller (€100 used), a UCA 202 USB Audio Interface (€30), a passive USB Hub (€5), and a simple 1x1 MIDI USB Interface (€12). So, much less than a Boss RC-300 Loopstation, and more flexible.

    I wrote about it here:

  • Just a quick update...

    I ended up getting the Roland Duo Capture Ex and the iRig Blueboard which so far seem to work really well with loopy!

    Cheers for all the input!

  • @skirmish1066 Do you use IOS7? And if so, does the UA-22 work? Mine works a treat with IOS6, but read some stories elsewhere of the Unit not working on IOS7. Afraid to update! Thanks in advance

  • @Gerjandh yeah I use iOS7 and it seems to work fine.. Really happy with the full set up!

  • @skirmish1066

    Thanks for the response. I took the bet and updated my Ipad 3 to IOS 7.0.4, and my UA-22 works good with Audiobus, Loopy, Etc.! Now i can finally get into BIAS-amps!

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