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  • Michael,this could change my live gigs - if it really works!
    I play guitar/fiddle/keyboards.
    I don't have an iPad(yet),but is it really capable of running multiple loops reliably?
    I want to load say 3 pre recorded drum loops - (a)verse/ (b)chorus/ (c)bridge.
    I'd like to have them play in a default pattern - say a-b-a-b-c - and repeat continuously.

    Would I need a seperate sequencer to carry out the instructions,or can it be pre programmed in LoopyHD?

    I would then create loops live over the top of the pre recorded ones.

    I'm intending on using a Behringer FCB1010,but as I only have a very basic knowledge of midi,I dont know if such an instruction could be programmed from it,or like I say,maybe it would have to then go through a sequencer.
    Also,I'd like to be able to interrupt this sequence to vary things on the fly if I wanted.
    Is this possible?
    Thanks for any help. Good luck.
  • P.S. ......after reading through lots of other comments,am I right in thinking that,as you can't pause a single loop, Loopy can essentially be thought of as having all loops playing simultaneously,only that one or more may be "muted" in the background,but is always in sync with the others?
    I also read someone suggesting a variation of my above idea (that we could set a default sequence of loops like A>B>A>B>C).
    For my way of working this is essential,as it frees me to play music over the top of the default,and only worry about making changes to it,rather than having to press a footpedal every time in order to progress to a chorus etc.
    As I asked above,could this be achieved using an external sequencer to send pre programmed stop/start/mute messages to individual loops?
    I never even considered buying an iPad,but I'm about to if these functions are possible,even if it means linking to a sequencer or possibly even a second iPad!
    Thanks for your patience :)
  • Hey Jumbo, I've been trying to do basically the same thing. The best solution I could come up with is using the 1010 and setting one pedal to un/mute the verse track and another to un/mute the chorus track. Obviously this requires 2 pedal pushes so it's not the most elegant solution and the more things you want to switch the worse it gets but for simple ones it work ps alright. If you can come up with a better way Jumbo I'd love to hear it!
  • @SeanAndernacht's solution could be made easier in the future by the ability to chain multiple actions to one trigger, so you could automatically, say, mute the selected track, select the next track, and (un)mute the selected track again.
  • This is the exact functionality I was asking for a few months ago. The ability to sequence loops would be killer!!!
  • I think to work well in "real" situations, you'd also need to have the ability to group loops so that all loops don't try to resolve/adjust to some multiple of the initialy loop. In many songs the A and B parts are not "symmetrical" - i.e. A might have 12 bars and B might have 14, and I don't think you could lay this out currently unless your first loop is 2 bars long.
  • You know, I do like the idea of groups - as a matter of fact, I mocked up a group interface ages ago (here's the proof: http://cl.ly/2F3G1T1913313F0w3b1K), but never got around to finding a convincing implementation.

    I think I might have an idea though - People've already requested the ability to label/colour loops, to more easily tell them apart, and I've decided to add that feature. Perhaps the same feature can be used to group tracks - set several to 'blue', and they'll have their own time base, and perhaps some other control can appear to allow you to toggle whole groups at once.

    Groups pave the way for sequencing too, so perhaps that might follow.
  • Sounds perfect!
  • You're on the right track with groups! Wiggins is right about varying lengths also.
  • Michael,

    The functionality of what several of us are asking for seems like a simple request so forgive me if what I'm asking for is a difficult coding operation. The ability to chain loops together or sequence them would be invaluable for live performance. The ability to construct loops on the fly with no manual toggling would be killer. For many of us, live performance of a song is already a set structure. For example:

    4 bar intro (A)
    8 bar verse (B)
    8 bar chorus (C)
    8 bar verse (B)
    8 bar chorus (C)
    4 bar bridge, similar to intro (A)
    8 bar chorus, repeated once (C,C)

    To play this song would require only 3 loops: A, B and C.

    The structure would look like this:


    The killer app would be able to record the 4 bar intro-A the first time through, then automaticaly arm the next loop for recording verse-B (it's length predetermined), and the same for the chorus C.

    Here's where it gets killer. What if: the second time through the verse-B Loopy plays back loop B and at the same time records again using a fourth loop which complements what's already been recorded (B). It could be adding a vocal harmony, it could be adding a rhythm guitar part, the options are infinite. Ditto through the rest of the song. This is just one simple example of what could be done.

    Once again, the work you've done is stellar. But adding this functionality would set this app heads and shoulders above ANYTHING ELSE OUT THERE.

  • You know, I think I've been thinking about this the wrong way. Rather than sequencing loops in a particular way (particularly, in integer multiples of loops, etc), how about the ability to record and automate interface actions? That way, you can easily do things like upbeats, and it would also support the ability to toggle records and overdubs automatically, maybe even volume and pan adjustments, or importing loops.

    I think it'd still be valuable to be able to group tracks, of course, but this might solve the rest. Thoughts?
  • Kinda like macros?

    Recording and automating interface actions would be a great way to create song structures! I think providing this functionality would make this an unbelievable app!
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEogPjNgMDE&feature=related

    This link shows the power of what can be done with a hands free looping app. Granted, Phil has using looping pedals practically before they were invented (LLLoooong delay pedals) but you see the skill level and work that goes into constructing those loops. Imagine being able to build this kind of layered song structure without having to "play" the looping app at the same time.

    Hope it's inspiring to you.
  • Good god!!! That blew my mind.
  • Pretty inspiring, huh?
  • i came
  • Maybe something like "serial" mode of boomerang iii looper would be a good idea?;)
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    Michael wrote: "People've already requested the ability to label/colour loops, to more easily tell them apart, and I've decided to add that feature. "

    That would be a big help. Thank you!

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