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Video looper wanted

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i am looking for an app build in a video looper. I searched around the web but no.
What i want is an option select a part of a guitar video lesson (in/out) and then endless repete it while i play along with it?
I know i can cut and copy parts in sevaral edit apps but just a select video part looper will be great.


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    "Swift Player" is the best I have found. But not only does it loop, it also allows slowing down the video for learning fast parts and even downloading the video (or audio) file for offline use. The only thing you can't do is alter the pitch for down tuned guitars. My most used app for teaching though.

    It is kind of difficult to get loop points exactly in time. There isn't much precision but again, it is still the best I have found. Tip for the looping: Enable A-B Loop setting in the video menu and then double touch the bookmark to quickly add A B points. Took me a bit to figure that out.

    Or, check out "SpeedUpTV" as I believe that does looping too.

  • Hi Ringleader,

    Thank you very much for the tip. I was offline for a while but got very happy using Swift Player.

    Greats pat

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