Behringer Q802 + FCB1010 + CCK + USB Midi = Awesome

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I've always liked the Boss RC-300 Loopstation. But it's €520. I already have an iPad. I even have an iPhone.

So, I thought I'd give Loopy HD a go because the demo video on the homepage makes it look like it compares if not outperforms the loopstation, once one gets the hang of it.

I'm still waiting on the FCB1010 to arrive (Behringer MIDI Footswitch controller) but I tested it with another midi device and it works.

So, given that I have an iPad, I spent a mere €75 on the Behringer Q802 USB Mixer and €100 on a used Behringer FCB1010, and about €8 on a simple 1x1 USB-MIDI interface, and €30 on the Lighting-USB CCK cable, and a simple USB Hub €10. So less than half of a loopstation in price, with more modularity, and yes, way more cables...

I got the whole thing working as follows (see pic, routing diagram):

Anyway, it works like a charm! Don't even need a powered hub as it actually caused a ground loop. I mean, the mixer is powered, the FCB1010 is powered, so the only thing taking power from the iPad is the USB-MIDI interface and it doesn't complain, so all is well.

I even use an iRig with my iPhone to put on the mixer's FX Send (mono send, stereo return) then use Vocalite for reverb, but that's totally optional.

Hope that helps people trying to make the decision...

PS - It's a practice setup. There is noise in the signal chain, but no ground loops.


  • Hi @horseshoe7 have you managed to sort out all of the noises, etc?

    I'm really interested to hear how this works out as I am currently trying to find an ipad interface with loop station


  • Like i said, it was a practice setup. I've since moved to the following configuration and am much happier

  • Do you have latency issues with your setup (when monitoring your inputsignals on your headphones including iPad output).


  • none that I perceived, but i've since moved to the setup described in the link i provided before your comment.

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    @horseshoe7 said:

    Anyway, it works like a charm!

    Hi thank you very much for this detailed description of your setup. I have a Xenyx Q802 and actually I'm trying to send input channel 1 (in which I plugged a microphone) to usb then into Loopy...But I cannot record anything into Loopy, although I can hear iPad and microphone sound from PA. Which is wrong? I think i'm following your setup: iPad > CKK > Xenyx via usb; microphone > Xenix channel 1; Xenyx>PA

  • hey, I've just found that if I depress USB/2-TR TO MAIN MIX, I can record loop, but i cannot listen to them from PA.. So every time I need to record a new loop, I have to push USB/2-TR TO MAIN MIX which stop any sound coming from PA (which is not great in a live situation). How ccan I fix that?

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