Midi "Solo track" modification request

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hallo michael,

one of the greatest things of a midi binding is if you can do not only a task with it, but two or more. i.e. using "toggle mute" you can record in a track if empty, mute and unmute it. 3 things in only one controller.

"solo track" is very useful, but it should follow the same logical behavior to be twice as powerful.

i am asking you if you could implement that midi binding "solo track" would activate record if the track selected is empty. so i can use it also for record!! don't need another button or pedal.

following it's nature of "solo track", if other tracks are sounding, and you press "solo track" over an empty track, it would record (with all other tracks sounding on the background) and when finish, it would play in "solo" mode. muting all the other tracks.

i hope you find it logical too (and have time to make it ;)




  • i have found another issue, if you mute tracks using fingers, then you want to "solo" a track which has being "fingered" before, all sounding tracks will be muted, but the chosen track won't be "unmuted" (if it was muted using fingers). keeps muted. :(

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    Your suggestion got me thinking. This binding could actually be the missing link I have been searching for. I'm thinking this could be used to emulate the switching between different song parts A, B, C, etc. that the Boomerang allows and I am so desparately trying to achieve with Loopy.

    I'd like to add on to what you have above. If other tracks are sounding, then it would follow your suggestion as you had stated.

    But if any other tracks are currently recording and the "solo track" binding is pressed on an empty track, it would immediately stop them from recording and they would be muted (since this is a solo binding after all).

    For example, imagine an empty session with 3 tracks/corresponding buttons set to "Solo Track" binding:
    Press track 1, begins recording solo'd.
    Press track 2, track 1 recording stops immediately (and mutes), track 2 starts recording solo'd.
    Press track 3, track 2 recording stops immediately (and mutes), track 3 starts recording solo'd.

    From here you could go back and select any of your pre-recorded parts:
    Press track 1, track 3 stops recording and track 1 plays back solo'd.
    Or press track 2, track 3 stops recording and track 2 plays back solo'd.
    Or press track 3, track 3 stops recording and track 3 plays back solo'd.
    Or stop all of them altogether until you are ready for them with the "Toggle Session Pause and Restart" binding (which should also stop recording of track 3 above).

    I need this!

  • This sounds good to me! I'll see what I can do.

  • @ringleader you can do that using "toggle record, mute, then record next track", that is exactly what it does. but... i don't know how can you be on the beat, without any audio rhythm reference from previous loops. an external metronome vielleicht?

    by the way, there's a new module in midibridge app, it is called "stream byter", you can map one midi CC to different CC or NOTES using it, even with delay between them. thanks to nic, the developer, he wrote a little code with a "trick" for me, so now with only one pedal sending CC i can "cycle" thru many CC as i want, making it possible to do what you want (always following a given order) using only one pedal/controller. check out the post in midibridge forum:


    thanks michael!! we know you are racking your brain in sleepless nights to have the new audiobus before christmas! ...it will be a beautiful code-of-the-art app, for sure. i will be so happy when you release it... not for audiobus itself... just because then you will go back to loopy's update!! xD

  • @ecce_cello - The "toggle record, mute, then record next track" binding doesn't really fit in with my workflow, but that is mostly because of how I prefer to have my controller configured vs. the way the tracks are numbered in Loopy. I still think the modified solo track binding would be just the ticket for me.

    Yeah, Nic has been a lifesaver for me and MidiBridge is absolutely essential. Thanks for the heads up on that coding he made for you. I currently use the hold flags in the stream byter but will have to think about it a bit to see if I can incorporate your "trick" too.

    So the BlueBoard can't use the hold functionality? Buttons C and D should be able to, right? I would be curious to see how you are configuring your controller with that new trick coding.

  • it's the same to me!!

    the way tracks are numbered in loopy has noooothing to do with the way i use them. i have a trick to place the white circle in the track i want (which will stay the beginning track), just press record, then swipe to cancel. that track will remain selected, and will be the first in a binding like "toggle record, mute...".

    i tried the hold flags thing, but blueboard seems not to send them.

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    No white circles for me at all. I dedicate a button per track set to toggle mute and add a hold function on each button to the clear track. Throw in a couple global commands and I'm set.

    It's interesting how different people can interact with the same app so differently, but it also makes things kinda tricky. My setup method requires a lot of dedicated buttons. I'm in the process of building a midi controller with a shitload of buttons (24 actually) that I can't wait to hook up and explore!

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    I tested the solo track binding to see if this request got snuck into the last update but it did not.

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    The solo mute binding now records on blank tracks! Yay!

    But unfortunately, I am experiencing some strange behavior when trying to use this binding in conjunction with the new count out settings. It seems like it is behaving the same as before the recent update. Maybe I am just trying to do something that was not intended with how this binding works, but for example, it does not work as a method of quickly switching between song parts.

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