Microphone, iphone and irig: no volume!

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Hi everybody!

Anybody experiencing very low output power using a microphone (shure-sm-58+ audio technica impedance matcher) and and an iphone (3gs) with the irig?
My phone's volume is max and my sound system is to the max and I can barely hear myself...
If I crank the volume level and loopy every single circle it's a bit better but not enough still.


  • I haven't tried this personally, but as I understand it you would need a preamp to get this working properly. The iRig is an impedance matcher designed for guitar and so probably won't work well with dynamic mics.

    You could look at a different interface that has a mic preamp (such as the Tascam iXZ) or a dedicated iOS mic (such as the iRig Mic) - both should give better results than your current setup.
  • getting the same problem. no output whatsoever. complete and utter fucking rip off.

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