Fireface UCX and Loopy (audio split on loops )

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Hey guys, what's up?

Need a hint here...

Loopy HD automatically splits de audio channles to each output (Ex input 1 - > output left, Input 2 - Output Right) wich is great to sending separate outs to the main board!

But... as i am playing at home, i through my studio monitors or headphones, i would like to have both the ins coming out in stereo...

Is there anyway i can do this?


  • hi ElKapone

    This is exactly the same "issue" I have with Tascam IU2.
    The only way to avoid it is Mixer 2 L&R to 1 stereo channel (behringer does small and cheap ones) or set the input in loopy to either L or R, but then u can;t use both at the same time...

    I think Michael knows about this, but whether this will be addressed in an update and when.. is sadly another question...

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    i agree. this is an "issue" ...

    imput L & R should be recorded in stereo, each one of them mixed in the same loop. it doesn't make sense that they are only recorded to left and right respectively.

    in what scenario does anybody want to record two sources hard-panned to L & R??

    if you have an instrument in R and the voice in L, you want to record both at the same time in loopy, them you want them stereo. not only having each source hard panned, without the ability to mix and pan as you desire. otherwise it's useless

    when audiobus stops absorbing our michael, xD let's hope he will fix this.

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    Speaking of Audiobus, if you run your signal path thru JamUp Pro as Audiobus input and Loopy as Audiobus output it will mix the sources to center for recording in Loopy. It works great on iPad 2 and adds no noticeable latency.

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