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You can operate in the background Loopy HD with a Midi Controller?

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I would like to use Loopy HD by FCB1010 in the background, to command each track (record, play, mute). Is it possible?
The idea is to improvise live with some drum pad (iphone / ipad) synchronized with the rhythm of some drum machine (like the SuperMetronome Groove Box) or perhaps a pre-recorded rhythm already in Loopy Hd, besides playing my guitar.


  • Yes, you can do that

  • ok, thanks.

  • Hello Michael, I'm not finding the correct way to configure Loopy to work in background. He plays in the background but does not accept commands sent by bluetooth pedal. That way, I can not operate it with his feet while using other apps like DrumJam, Easybeats, etc..
    Any suggestions? Thanks

  • Unfortunately, Bluetooth will not work in the background; messages are only received by the foreground app. A Bluetooth pedal does not use MIDI.

    MIDI pedals and virtual MIDI work great. And they do work in the background.

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    ok, thank you. I bought a FCB1010 but it was too big and clumsy, so I sold and created a small foot controller with a bluetooth keyboard case for iphone. Now I need to revise my strategy. : (

  • Logidy makes a nice 3 button USB pedal...

  • @Ronaldo - FCB1010 is a big physical controller.

    If you are using a bluetooth keyboard that you've got rigged up to foot pedals [which is basically what the AirTurn system is at heart] just use the bluetooth keyboard assign features and you can do anything that would be executed over MIDI by using a bluetooth keyboard.

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    yes, it works great, but only when he is on screen. When I open another application and loopy is running in the background can not receive commands via bluetooth.

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