Loopy HD iPad1 Support?

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Greetings from NOT the bleeding edge of technology! See now when I go out, I really prefer taking my iPad1 with me because it would be less of a loss and um, it used to work just fine...
For reasons I do not know, Loopy HD will now no longer load.
An iPad1 is locked at iOS 5.1.1 and I'm using Loopy HD 1.4.6 with my trusty Alesis iO Dock.
I've killed all other programs in memory, cold-booted and still am unable to get past the loading screen before getting bounced to the home screen.
Am I alone in this?
I'll try deleting the program and reinstalling it to see if that helps, but I don't want to reset my whole iPad just to test it if I don't have to.
[It'd be a shame to have to put the ol' girl down, but I would learn to live with it. I have an iPad2.]

Thanks all...


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