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  • Whoever is looking for a real lightweight foot controller solution, go for the logidy UMI3 ( You get three buttons (toggle record, delete, and toggle next track) for example and you can hook it up to your ios device via the camera connection kit. I have it connected to the apogee duet ios audio-midi interface and it works like a charm.

  • Dang some of these hardware footswitch things are spendy! Another alternative: you can buy a "MIDI CPU" for $45 online, and attach whatever you want to it: switches, switch matrices, LED indicators, potentiometers, rotary encoders, and digital & analog signals. It will monitor up to 128 switches, 14 potentiometers, or 12 encoders. It sends MIDI out via 5-pin MIDI DIN, so requires no computer. I bought a bunch of momentary footswitches for $2.10 each.

    Check it out if you want something customized for your set up and wanna save some cash.

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    Bluetooth MIDI foot controller for iPad and iPhone

    Solid metal case with 4 assignable foot switches

    Made for JamUp XT, JamUp Pro XT, GarageBand <<< and Loopy HD??

    Send Bank Change, Program Change and Control Changes

    External expression pedal jack

    Built-in iOS link for plug and play audio interface

    Optimized for active/passive pickups for both guitar and bass

    BT iOS app runs in background on iOS to send MIDI

    AA x 2 batteries

    iOS 7 ready

    "BT-4 brings the live control solution to iPad®, iPhone® and Mac for just $99..."

  • Looks promising. The $99 list price seems reasonable given Bluetooth, the housing, and the switches. I would assume it would work just fine with Loopy. I just wish Loopy could do everything I need just using 4 foot switches!

    I don't know if the Positive Grid is using momentary or toggle switches. If momentary, I wish it would support Note on and Note off, so it could be used to map two different MIDI commands, depending on whether you tap a switch, or hold it down (time interval between press and release).

  • I expected something better than that. 4 buttons already have the blueboard.

  • @Ringleader, how did you go about making such a thing of beauty?

    Care to share the build details? I'm thinking of making a DIY MIDI controller along the lines of the MIDI Moose with just a few more buttons, but don't even know where to start.

  • Hi guys. Does anybody use Keith McMillen Softstep with Loopy? I'm new with it and wonder how to bind buttons to Loopy's commands? What mode should I use? Toggle mode or Program mode of Softstep?

  • I liked the 12-step

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    Hi guys! Can anyone help me to adjust my KMI Softstep for working with Loopy HD app?

    1. How should I set up each SS pad? What modelines and message types I should choose? 1-6 pads are for choosing tracks in Loopy app.

    2. With this layout I need certain behavior of Softstep's led. When I choose track there must be Green led ON all the time until I chose another track (From 1 to 6). Pressing Rec or Overdub once must turn Red led ON until I press any other pad. Same as I do to Mute and Solo pads (they myst be with Green led).

    Can anyone help me? Or may be there is a better way to set up Softstep then my?
    And excuse me please if there was the same discussion.

  • @BenC - Which specific action (from is assigned to your "Record Mute" pad? How is this action different from that of the "Sync Record Mute" pad?

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    Depicted is my mapping for KMI SoftStep2.

    I use with Loopy in a 6-track configuration. The 3x2 grid of pedals on the left correspond to the six Loopy tracks.
    Each pedal is bound to the "Toggle mute" action on the corresponding track, and also doubles to clear the track: pressing and holding on one of these pedals will clear the corresponding track.

    Loopy is configured as:

    Count-in recording = Off
    Count-out recording = On (finishes measure)

    MIDI bindings:

    TRACK 6 = CC 21 On: Toggle mute 6 / Hold: Clear 6
    TRACK 4 = CC 22 On: Toggle mute 4 / Hold: Clear 4
    TRACK 2 = CC 23 On: Toggle mute 2 / Hold: Clear 2
    STOP/PLAY = CC 24 On: Toggle session pause and restart / Hold: Reset session
    TAP TEMPO = CC 25 Off: Tap tempo
    TRACK 5 = CC 26 On: Toggle mute 5 / Hold: Clear 5
    TRACK 3 = CC 27 On: Toggle mute 3 / Hold: Clear 3
    TRACK 1 = CC 28 On: Toggle mute 1 / Hold: Clear 1
    PRIME REC = CC 29 On: Prime recording / Hold: Cancel pending actions
    METRONOM = CC 20 Off: Toggle metronome
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    Updated image for SoftSoft2 binding above.

  • Tip, put prime rec and metronome under a hold MIDI function. I myself don't use tap tempo, but rerecord in stead. Selecting a track, and pressing rerecord twice results in recycling a used loop.
    This way you can make use of 8 loops.

  • @_latinoise attached is a screenshot of the editor window for one of the Toggle Mute pedals.

    I have two LEDs programmed. The green LED lights when the pedal is pressed (Foot On), and the red LED blinks on a Long Trig, which corresponds to the long hold that clears the track.

  • Updated image for SoftStep2 binding above.

    The Mic Mute pedal is programmed to toggle the mute on port 1 in MiMix (ch 8 / cc 80), which is the vocal mic port.

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