Bluetooth Binding: Odd recording outcome with "toggle record"

Just got my bluetooth keyboard in the mail to mod into a foot pedal and was testing out some bindings to see how they work.

I have Count-In/Count-Out both on. When I hit the button assigned to "Toggle Record", it records, but when it is done, the first beat of the bar is cut off, leaving the fourth beat empty. It looks like the recorded phrase has the first beat cut off with empty space at the 4th beat. But when I assign the button to "Toggle Record, then Select Next Track", everything is as it should be.

Does anyone know what's going on?

iPad 2 iOS 5.1.1, using a SANOXY Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad from Amazon


  • Try using "toggle mute". On an empty loop this will trigger the record function too, and let it record till the end (no need to "toggle" again).
    It seems to me that while recording you "toggle record" again, cutting off the recording.

  • @Tom, I let it record all the way until the clock reaches its end. I will try the "toggle mute" binding, but "toggle record, then select next track" is also working fine as of right now

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