Scarlett 2i2 or iTrack Solo? USB interface question.

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Hey everyone, I'm new to the world of iOS interfaces and am excited to start experimenting with loopy. I was wondering what people's opinions are for an audio interface. I was looking at the 2i2 for a while and then came across iTrack Solo. They are pretty much the same price and therefore I am leaning towards the 2i2 due to the flexibility of it's inputs. People who use the 2i2, are you happy with it's performance through an iPad? I assume you just plug it into a hub and the hub via a CCK? Also, do you then just plug your midi footswitch through the hub as well? Or is there another audio interface people recommend? I'm a fan of focusrite preamps so I'm leaning towards some of their products.

Thanks in advance!

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  • Focusrite's 2i2 sounds really nice with my acoustic guitar into Loopy. The scenario you describe should work, but keep in mind that your USB hub will need to be powered, with a wall plug. Others on the forum here have successfully run an audio interface and MIDI pedal thru a USB hub, so that should not be a problem.

    Another factor: 2i2 (and any USB>CCK combo) will only work on iPads or devices with iOS 7.

  • Thanks for the reply! Ya I assumed a powered hub would be required. Good to know about iOS 7. From what I have read a powered hub still won't be able to actually send power to the iPad though, correct? Seems like it should be able to.

    Thanks again!

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    Coincidence that I was just discussing this over at audiobus. You don't need a wall plug to power a USB hub if you think out of the box a little bit. ;-)

    And no way to power the iPad with a CCK in the chain. Apple limitation.

  • Ahh yes. I actually have a Zaggsparq kicking around. Pretty sure that would power it as well. Just have to check the output as it's a little higher than some (for fast charging). That's a fantastic idea though! Any recommendations from Scarlett 2i2 to iTrack Solo? Or any better audio interfaces that people prefer?

    Stupid Apple limitations...

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    Also to clarify, iOS 7 isn't needed on iPads ( only iPhones)

  • Presonus makes a good 2 input device as well, from what I hear. Search this forum for it.

    As for powering your USB hub, I just got this EasyAcc 10,000mAh battery. Works great.

  • Thanks for the suggestion!

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    Yay! Glad I came across this forum and this discussion. You guys have given me some good tips for some questions I was pondering about using the Scarlett 212 with ipad devices! THANX GUYS!

  • Will it work with my iPhone 5s ? iOS 7.04?

  • Hi guys. I have ipad 2 iOS 7.0.4 and scarlett 2i2 connected to powered usb hub, but I encounter issue that soundcard is "restart" itself time to time. It is very similar to "restart" during switching audio apps. Do you have idea what can I do with it? Thanx

  • Just throwing Focusrite Novation a bone here... I own the iTrack Solo. When I bought it there was one thing I hated about it. The interface cord was about 5" long. Barely enough to reach my iPad. I called them on Tuesday night and here it is on Thursday afternoon a brand new 4' cord arrived free of charge. That's customer service! (And NO, I don't work for them) I'll be out back in the sunshine recording if ya need me... ;-)

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