Session "templates" - perhaps a feature request.

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Is there a way to preassign loop length to different loop "buttons" before recording? For example being able to preset the first two loops to 2 measures, and the others to 8? I have some "real-time" arrangements in mind where I'd like to have this "template" already established, as the structure would always be the same but I would want to play things differently each time I perform the "structure". hope that makes sense.


  • Hey @cwiggins999 - I'm afraid not too easily, no; the initial loop length is a global setting, not per-track. You could try setting up an initial session with pre-recorded silent tracks of the lengths you're after, then overdubbing on top of them, but that's all I got for now.
  • Yes, I thought about the pre-recorded silent tracks also. Will give that a try. Just had my first "extended" Loopy HD session yesterday - had a great time experimenting. Here's one other feature I could see being useful - not sure what to label it, but would like to be able to group tracks so that the each group of tracks could have a different "time base" (not tempo). For example I was working with a song yesterday in which the first part is 15 measures long (with 2/4 time signature) and the second part is 17 measures. There doesn't seem to be a way to record one or more loops for the second part without the timebase for the first part's loops being changed. Also would like to mute/unmute the tracks as a group. Perhaps there's a way to do this that I'm not aware of yet. Thanks!
  • This could be solved by providing a way to sequence loops.
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