DM1 and LOOPY tempo sync anyone?

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Has anyone been able to successfully sync these 2?

I can't seem to get it to work :/


  • Yes, all the time. I make Loopy the master clock, set DM1 to listen for MIDI "tempo" from Loopy.

    The weird thing is that DM1 will only start syncing when you pause/ restart Loopy's clock.

  • Hum... will give it a try again latter!

    How about syncing it with amplitube? to get the delays in sync, have you tried it? can't seem to get that either..

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    Sounds like a great idea. I went with JamUp pro for guitar amps, which sadly doesn't have MIDI sync.

    Truth is, some apps function great as midi clock slave, some ok, some not at all. Animoog is ok, it stays in sync, but if you pause/ restart Loopy, it dips way out of sync for a few seconds and then slowly ramps back up to speed. Magellan seems to be rock solid as MIDI slave to Loopy.

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