Considering updating to iOS 7? Wait!

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Hi folks,

We're on the cusp of iOS 7, and I'm here to urge caution: If you rely on music apps, please don't update yet.

iOS 7 audio is not ready. There are a wide variety of bugs that are causing performance problems, crashes and other problems in a large number of music apps.

This may change in the future, but until we see a few point releases for the OS, I strongly urge you to stick with iOS 6.




  • Also, more generally, it's worth reading this warning about iOS 7 on osxdaily.

  • How about Loopy HD... working smoothly with ios 7?

  • No, I'm afraid not - there are problems with audio session interruptions, which I believe is an iOS 7 bug, but for which I've recently discovered a workaround which I'll introduce soon, odd issues with external hardware on at least the iPad 3 that I've not been able to address yet (and which this statement from Native Instruments suggests might be a larger issue), and a visual glitch that Alex Buga just reported, which I've not been able to reproduce on my end yet. So, a few glitches that I'm trying to address still.

  • Update: I've spent today seeking workarounds to the above issues, and have succeeded with two out of three, happily (the hardware issue, and the audio session interruption issue). An update is coming.

  • I went ahead and jumped in (yikes) since im not using any external hardware or performing live yet. I made it a point to disable any sound notifications or interruptions. Loopy sounds good so far. I did notice the little visual glitch (white around the edge of loop ring) after pasting something with the new audiopaste. Overall the iOS7 experience has been pretty good.

  • On iPhone 5, iOS 7, In Loopy (only app open in foreground or background), it was displaying dashes instead of a tempo. I closed Loopy, force quit Loopy, and started it again. Display of tempo was restored. I don't know if that's a bug but I figured I'd let you know, just in case.

  • By the way, I took your advice with the iPad. Glad I did. I can't afford to have the iPad stumbling, but I wasn't too worried about the iPhone. I'm looking forward to being able to upgrade the iPad also, so I hope that smooth operation is not too far off.

  • When i read this post, i already updated my Ipad2 to Ios7. This was a big mistake!
    I use my Ipad in combination with an Alesis IO Dock to record loops and sounds. On IOS6 this worked perfectly. But on IOS7 it looks like my audio apps won't recognise any sound source.
    I won't record a thing.
    Hope this problem will be solved verry soon.
    In the meantime; DON'T UPDATE TO IOS7!!

  • Ouch. I'm sorry to hear that @Gronograph. Do all apps share that issue?

  • Yes, all the apps share the same problem.

  • I jumped the gun so I could use the CCK with my iPhone 4. All seems to be working for me at the moment.

  • Found the Problem!

    In startscreen on IOS7, go to -> Settings -> Privacy -> Microphone.
    In this screen you can switch apps on and off, allowing them to make use of the microphone.
    Switched everything on and all works perfectly!

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    All working for me on iPhone 4S with iOS7 in Airplane mode. Im using a Zoom G3X and USB to MIDI cable plugged into CCK via a powered hub.

  • I am one of those numbs who updated his ipad3 too early. Now my loopy midi sync connection to a mac mini via wifi is corrupt and causes loopy to crash sometimes. The major prob is now that midi sync is not really sync. Will say: it is completly mashed up. Talking to apple was no good idea, Does anyone know, what time i can use my loopy at its full range of potential again? Or is there a workaround to solve that issue? I am helpless, so please, please! ;-) Thanks very much!

    PS: mac mini (running ableton) is sending the clock.

  • I'm going to look into this, @ampeg1977

  • Hi Michael, thanks very much!

  • I have an ipad 4 but i didn't do it :-) i was suspicious :-)

  • Hmm, I haven't been able to replicate this quite yet - I don't actually own a copy of Ableton, but I was able to sync from another iDevice over wifi without issue.

  • Hi! I updated to iOS7 before having read this thread. On tour now, using Loopy HD on an iPad Mini every night. For the most part, everything has been smooth, but during the show last night, something happened that I've never seen before: Loopy seemed to be working as usual, but it didn't record audio. Suddenly, the iPad went black, and restarted, sending a not-so-desirable pop out the sound card (Apogee Duet for iOS) to the PA. Live sound went - as it should - through the iPad all the time until it restarted, and was back as soon as the operating system had rebooted.

  • ...And that's why you should never update your equipment's software/firmware while you are on tour =)

  • I know, I know... :-) I was a little too quick on the trigger there. But, nonetheless, I'm happy to report that it hasn't happened again. Everything has been as it should for the last couple of shows. MIDI (Akai LPD8) and all.

  • Hey @Micheal the new update iOS 7.0.3 is out would you recommend still waiting on an iOS 7 update? Does the new update fix any of these bugs? or create new ones? thanks

  • I'm afraid we're not quite there yet, @ablethought, if you ask me. If you don't rely on iOS music, go right ahead - largely, it's a cool update - but if it's important that things work right, I'd give it another few updates, if it were me. There's still a particularly troublesome iOS7 bug out there that will permanently (until an app/device restart) disable an app's audio engine if you receive an interruption like an alarm or incoming call. There's a workaround to that one, implemented in Loopy and Audiobus, but not all apps. There's also another bug that causes some Audiobus apps (that haven't been updated to address this specific iOS 7 problem) to not work with Audiobus at all.

    Loopy itself is working correctly, as is Audiobus - except for an occasional visual glitch in Loopy I've not yet managed to diagnose. Check for details on other apps.

  • Hey Michael… I know you're not the Apple rep but you seem to have a pretty good handle on the music app side of things where iOS 7 is concerned. I am using LOOPY HD, Audiobus and several soft synth and effects apps on an iPad 2. I love me some Loopy!

    I hear about iOS 7 causing some performance issues on iPads prior to 3rd generation. Do you think this is going to be an insurmountable problem with the music apps i.e. making them unusable for live performance? I don't care if the UI is a little slower but I don't want all my apps to just break. I doubt any type of update to iOS 7 will correct the performance issues on iPads prior to 3rd generation. Am I really stuck at iOS 6? Also does this mean I will never be able to get updates for my music apps as all recent updates seem to be specifically for iOS 7? Or, do they tend to be backwards compatible with iOS 6?

    Lots of questions I know… Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  • I went and updated to iOS7 on my 4th gen iPad like a dummy and am suffering for it now. I have big problems with midi messages being recognized. A clock signal seems to work ok but most CC messages do not. And by "most" I mean the iPad only recognizes them randomly and infrequently. I could go into detail about my setup but it's very convoluted. Suffice to say I checked all messages coming in and out of each device at their source and the midi interface with a couple different computers and everything is consistently sending what it should.

    I noticed this first when trying to get loopy to respond to a simple CC 1 value 127 message to trigger record. I got it to recognize it once out of several dozen foot switch presses. I've used midi monitor to watch for CC messages and used a number of different sources for those messages but it only recognized a couple at random. But again, clock signals seem to work fine.

    Very odd.

  • Hey @uvblues - it's difficult to say, really; it's quite likely that upgrading to iOS 7 on an iPad 2/etc will cause permanent performance issues, with no way of going back. This isn't particular to iOS, but a pretty common phenomenon with major updates. If it were me, and I were dependent on the performance not degrading further, I would be paying close attention to others' experiences: Let someone else be the guinea pig! Then, if you're confident that it won't wreck your experience, go for it. In this case, I'd be waiting a bit longer, if your device is mission-critical, and keeping an eye out for reports from others.

    @nosaintnick - Oh, dear! That is odd indeed. Just to clarify: You're seeing the same sporadic behaviour across multiple apps?

  • Michael,
    Some apps work better than others but nothing works exactly as it should. Neither of the midi utility apps I downloaded recognize much either. I narrowed the problem down to my interface, the behringer firewpower FCA1616. I now use a usb hub into the iPad, then the firpower and an UNO midi interface into the hub. All midi going through the UNO works perfectly.

    My only question now is why Loopy HD doesn't receive audio directly from the firepower. There are several grids in the "mic" section representing the firepowers inputs but none of them work. The firepower works fine with garageband and beatmaker2. I can use BM2 as an input for Loopy with audiobus but I'd like to be able to segregate what loopy hears (yet still respond to the midi clock from bm2). Ideally I'd like to use Loopy as an input for BM2.

  • Just an update on my previous post - my iPhone will lose MIDI or mute audio or start crackling randomly after about 20-40 minutes of Loopy use. This is after putting in airline mode, hard restarting and then launching Loopy. That's better than having not having an iPhone/CCK at all under iOS6 but still not the best scenario for playing gigs. @Michael - any news on when Apple might be releasing a fix for audio/midi under iOS?

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    @nosaintnick - Interesting! With the firepower inputs in Loopy, by "none of them work", do you mean the audio is silent? Have you tried things like rebooting the iPad, unplugging/plugging, etc?

    @BenC - that's a tricky one; those kind of issues are extremely hard to debug, I'm afraid.

  • @michael regarding to benc problems with ios7... do you mean that we have to get used to have loopy crashing after 20-40 minutes of use when running ios7? there's nothing it can be done about it? I am planning to get a new generarion idevice ios7 next weeks and this looks very dark.

    i still keep my main iphone using ios6, but i would also like to upgrade it to be able to use ckk and audiocards. what do you think is the term/date to have a reliable ios7 audio enviroment?


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