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Update 1.4.5 : crackles



  • Cheers for that, Ben - it sounds like you may just be asking too much of the device, although I'll do a bit of performance profiling in case something's changed on my end.

  • I've been getting crackling with Loopy on my ipad 2, connected to Alesis i/o. Not running any other apps, no audiobus. It's peculiar in that it often doesn't show up right away. If I've used the program for a while, it will start with crackling existing loops and also any new loops. The thing I've noticed since the update is there is now a timing issue as well, so that the loops don't sync. It does clear up when rebooting the ipad and removing fom the dock and reinserting, but not always. I'll also try to eliminate the dock, but it is integral to my setup. Will let you know if I have any issues without the alesis.

  • should have added using latest ios6.

  • Hmm... Have you updated the IO's firmware recently, @walt?

  • Not recently. It was some time ago, just after the update came out. It's Vers. 1.07, 10/27/2011. Pretty old firmware update, but it's their most recent.

  • @Michael.I'm not sure how that configuration would be too much for the iPad3. It's 64GB and I was only running two apps into Loopy. @walt's issue sounds identical to mine. Possibly related to the metronome?

  • I wasn't using the metronome, just working on the cycles. After putting in the first loop, I'd start playing the second. It sounded fine with the first loop while playing, but after recording it, the second loop was out of sync with the first.What seemed to happen was there was a noticeable delay from when I hit the midi controller to when it appeared in Loopy, but only after recording. I've not had this issue before, and haven't changed any other settings. So not sure if this is a new latency issue with midi.

  • Clarification to my last comment. It's an audio signal going into Loopy, so I don't think it's a midi latency issue

  • I've had similar issues since I started using Loopy over 6 months ago. I'm on an iPad 2 with Alesis dock under iOS 6, and have no other apps running. I generally use short percussion loops that I have already loaded in Sessions. I'll bring a percussion loop up… then start adding additional loops from other instruments. Start stop is done with a MIDI pedal.

    I only get the crackle noise issue when I add that initial second loop. Never on the 3rd, 4th, 5th or more loop. If I start the second loop at anything other than 12, 3, 6, or 9 o'clock on the first (percussion) loop's indicator, the odds of a crackle are much more significant.

    Once I have a crackle, I can load new sessions, but it does not go away. Sometimes a shutdown/restart of the app will eliminate it, but often I need to power down the iPad also. I've never had to power down the dock. Once the system has "woken up" from a true cold start, if I successfully run the first additional loop (which is the case 90% of the time), I'm good for the evening, which can be a dozen or more different sessions, each of 3-5 added loops. If I get a crackle I just reset until I have a successful "launch".

    The audio passing through the dock/iPad never crackles itself… only the looped recording. The fact that sometimes I can eliminate the issues with a software restart points toward there not being a hardware problem. I tried playing with all the settings I could find without luck… the overall condition has been stable for about 6 months.

    It can be annoying, but the all the awesome features of Loopy far outweigh that negative!


  • Here's a link to an example I video'd of the issue… sorry for the 5 minute length, but it shows what the crackle is, and how a reboot of the iPad resolves the issue.


  • Wow, that's a great description of the problem, Chuck - I'll ponder that for a while, hopefully get some ideas as to where to look for a solution.

  • Thanks, if you need me to try any specific troubleshooting sequences just ask...

  • Hi -- need help. I saw this post about the apogee jam. I just bought the new apogee jam 96. I plug in my guitar and the jam into my ipad2. I plug. In headsets and open loopyHD.

    No sound at all. Just static.

    Any advice? Is there a setting I need to set? This is my first ever attempt with loopy and jam and my ipad2....


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