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Update 1.4.5 : crackles

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I was using a very simple setup that would work great…until 1.4.5. That is an Apogee Jam plugged into the iPad Mini and headphones + Audiobus with AudioReverb (VirSyn), EchoPad and Loopy HD, all on iOS 7 GM. I experienced crackling audio as soon as I updated to 1.4.5. As Audiobus just updated as well (10.2.4) I first thought it was the culprit. But actually reverting to LHD 1.4.4 fixed the problem ! So to sum it up :

LHD 1.4.5 with Audiobus 10.2.2 OR 10.2.4 = problems : audio crackles
LHD 1.4.4 with Audiobus 10.2.2 OR 10.2.4 = no crackles
Thanks for investigating this annoying bug.

Besides that, it's my first post on this forum, just started using Loopy HD on stage 2 days ago and I'm VERY happy with it. I'm using it mainly to setup ambient loops from my bass with arco. That's why I definitely need very long reverbs and delays. Thanks a lot !



  • Thanks for this report @ckermo! I'll check it out.

  • Oh, by the way, out of curiosity, does changing the Audiobus latency setting to 512 make any difference?

  • Hi Michael, it was already set to 512. Needless to say, worse at 256.

  • Useful info I think : I tested on iOS 6.1.3 and it is the same problem, audio crackles with LHD 1.4.5 (+ Audioreverb and Echopad) and not with the previous version. So don't waiste your time investigating some iOS 7 incompatibility :)

  • I experienced a few slight crackles the other day using the latest Audiobus for recording Samplr into Loopy. Subtle, but definitely recorded and not part of the original source. I thought it must be Audiobus because Loopy has been working so well with all my apps lately, whether in 512 or 256 buffer and recording very cleanly. And it may be Audiobus, but to be safe I downgraded to prior Loopy version. I have not tested thoroughly enough to see if this fixes everything. I've also unfortunately had a few other problems with the Audiobus update unrelated to Loopy so not relevant to this thread, and i am unable to revert to old Audiobus. I hope the Loopy/Audiobus situation can get stable because that combination is the core of all my work in iOS now.

  • Thanks for the input. As I said, in my case, reverting to Audiobus 10.2.2 while keeping Loopy 1.4.5 didn't fix the problem. It went away only when using back 1.4.4.

  • Thanks for this extra info guys - I'm gonna try to get to the bottom of it today.

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    Hey - does the crackling go away or at least diminish if you set the number of tracks to 6?

    And on those installations you were trying that were working correctly, does crackling appear if you change the tracks to 12?

  • Running active pick up acoustic guitar into apogee jam, and then audioreverb (virsyn) into loopy out into pa. occasionally will use samvada as an input as well. post-update, I am having a lot of the same issues described above. number of tracks is set to six.

  • For the record, @ckermo's been testing a beta version, and has discovered that the issue appears to be something with a new version of AudioReverb, which was updated at the same time as Loopy.

    Independently of that, though, I'm investigating problems with the Apogee Jam (and probably other external audio hardware) and iOS 7; problem doesn't appear on iOS 6, and I'm hearing similar things from Native Instruments.

  • Just a heads-up: I've identified the cause of issues with the Apogee Jam (and possibly other similar devices), and have submitted an update with a workaround.

  • excellent! is there an eta?

  • Already in the App Review queue, so shouldn't be more than a few days.

  • Yay the loopy update is here! It appears to be gig ready. Running apogee jam, AudioReverb into loopy I still get the occasional crackle and pop But it is much better than it was before. I will also get a little crackle when I switch in between apps within Audiobus but I wonder if that has more to do with my limited processor power of the 16 GB iPad 3 than the apogee itself.
    Anyone else experiencing the same thing using the apogee?
    PS Michael thank you so much for the update I'm excited to start gigging with loopy again!

  • Glad to hear it, @nicholas! Out of curiosity, what happens if you remove AudioReverb from the setup, possibly replacing it with another filter, just to rule it in or out as a problem? As I mentioned above, there may be some performance issues with AudioReverb's recent update, although I haven't been able to confirm that yet.

  • Confirmation here. AudioReverb stil is a problem. Once it's replaced with another FX, everything works fine. Would be nice that people at VirSyn do something about it.

  • yah same here...AudioReverb is a massive problem which is really a shame because it sounds so wonderful. running jam up as my input right into loopy seems to be working pretty well. ideally i'd love to run jam up for my pre-amping and use use AudioReverb as my filter and output into loopy

  • Yeah. Of all the reverbs I've tried, definitely the best… when it works :)

  • @ckermo. actually i've had some luck with one of the JamUp reverbs. its one of in app purchases modeled after the tc electronics nova verb. its not quite as bright and airy as the virsyn but its still very musical and very easy to use .....and thank God at least it works! lol
    best of luck

  • Interesting news for us all. This afternoon I played with the Audioreverb again, wanted to be sure there really was no way to use it. I found out that using it in Audiobus as an FX and not an out, seems to work fine (speaker out) ! I even tried to use Echopad as the out, works too. Strange, but at least I could achieve great results in my quest for replacing my fantastic 2C Aether plugin (Mac) when travelling with the light setup, I mean Apogee Jam + iPad Mini.

  • interesting....so do the guys are virsyn know about any of the issues ?

  • Yes, I contacted them and got a short answer, then nothing after more precise explanations from me. Maybe I should let them know now about my new explorations.

  • Didn't realize this was a Virsyn app, but that would probably explain some of the problems. Their Addictive Synth app has had crackle issues with Audiobus for a long time, specifically when any delay effect is turned on. Happens every time on any patch and stops when you turn off the effect. They haven't responded to inquiries and seem uninterested in fixing it. Shame because I really like Addictive Synth, so I just turn off the effects and carry on.

  • By the way, you might try AUFX Space, I think it sounds quite good and works fine with AudioBus and Loopy as far as I can tell. The developer is very responsive to users.

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    Yes AUFX Space is nice too, I bought it, but for my use AudioReverb sounds far much better. Bigger spaces, more parameters… BTW I'm using a bit of AUFX Dub delay on top of it. As you said, a shame they don't seem responsive at all.

  • Experiencing similar crackles and pops also with timing becoming offset when listening to replay. Using Jam Up and VocaLive in AB input slot with Loopy as output in 12 track configuration. iPad 3 with Alesis io dock. Switched output to GarageBand and problem went away.

  • Should have added that my preference was to continue using Loopy. Switching outputs was an experiment.

  • Ok last addendum. Still using iOS 6. What's different? This never occurred before.

  • Interesting, @Ben - Could you try some additional different configurations, to try to narrow down the problematic factor here? Specifically:

    • With/without the IO Dock
    • With/without JamUp
    • With/without VocalLive

    Finally, (a) what device are you using? (b) have you tried changing the hardware buffer duration in Audiobus?

  • @Michael. Thanks for responding. It took me a while to reproduce the the crackling/popping sound last night. Timing wasn't an issue at all until I turned the metronome on then everything got significantly worse (cracking/popping,off set timing).

    I shut down all the apps I had running, started again with the same set up changing AB buffer to 512 frames. Launched Loopy, VocaLive and Jam Up in that order. Everything seemed to improve even with the metronome running. I have an iPad3 with iOS6. I'll try eliminating the IO dock and VocaLive but I need the IO dock to run JamUp. I'll let you know the results.

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