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I really want to be able to do what this guy does at 3:03 - 4:50 in this video and been thinking about it for quite a while now, but I still can't figure out how to get it done in Loopy. Anyone figure out how to do it?

To do this, it seems like there needs to be some sort of feature added where several loops can be assigned to be grouped or linked together so that only one of the loops in the group plays/records at a time while the other loops in the group get muted. Call it a "loop group" or "loop link" feature or something.

I think this would be better than creating a specific binding for this functionality because this way you could still assign a binding to each of the loops in the group to determine their function when you pressed on the active loop (it could be set to mute, overdub or whatever you wanted based on existing bindings). This would provide more flexiblity for the different ways that people use Loopy. And this would also allow users to have a few ungrouped/unlinked auxilary loops to do other stuff with like have them playing in the background as layers or whatever.


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    Here's a rough example (see attached pic). I like having my midi controller buttons correspond to the loops on the screen. I think this could be my perfect setup.

    Buttons 1-3 = grouped loops on bottom row - bindings set to toggle mute or toggle rec/overdub

    Buttons 6-8 = aux loops (ungrouped) - bindings set to toggle mute or toggle rec/overdub

    Buttons 4, 5, 9, 0 = global bindings for toggle start stop, cancel pending actions, reset session, etc.

    Plus you could assign the press and hold feature on each button (in Midibridge) to add clearing of the individual loops, or toggle reverse, or toggle decay on specific loops (hoping this eventually becomes a midi binding with a variable percentage so I can still use the reset session with this functionality still intact).

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    That other thread got me thinking about this again. Expanding on the original idea above, what would be great (for me anyways) would be to have an option to use Loopy in a sort of song mode and break it up into several grouped track parts (user assignable per track in settings), allowing different parts of songs to be played back independently. This example would be like having 4 separate 3 track loopers in one.

    Sorry for turning Loopy HD into a Simon Says look-alike, but the colors help get the point across. The darker colored tracks would be the master track of each of the parts and the lighter same colored tracks would be the additional aux tracks per part. This would allow you to have the flexibility to mute/unmute additional tracks in any given part. The idea being that only one color group could play back at a time as a song part (intro, verse, chorus, bridge) while the other parts are automatically muted, but all tracks/parts follow Loopy's master time BPM clock.

    The first time you press on the master track of each part, it records. The master track of each part would determine the total length of each part. From there, continue to build the part by recording on the lighter same colored aux tracks as needed. Or, press on another master track and the previous playing/recording master track and it's aux tracks all mute and the new master track begins recording. Once all parts are recorded you can just select any master track and the part will play as soon as the previous master track finishes playing.

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    Or configure it to have a track (or several tracks) that aren't included in any parts but still synced in time with the other parts. For example, to be used as a rhythm track that goes throughout the entire song or a backing track or whatever.

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    Bump for clearer title and because I was really wishing loopy would do something like this again tonight. It looks like the TC Helicon VL3 can even quickly toggle between two song parts (I would prefer a minimum of 3 or more). Loopy hasn't gotten any update action in a long time (over 8 months??). What's the scoop?

  • Now's a good time to remind me about this, @Ringleader (although I hadn't forgotten - I'm actually working this idea in now). The last year has been all about scrambling towards Audiobus 2.1, which as you probably know, has gone public yesterday. The next six-months-to-a-year is going to be about Loopy. So stay tuned - don't expect anything tomorrow, cos it's going to be a big renewal project, but there will be things happening again.

  • Thank you Michael. I am very excited about this news. :)

  • Oh man, I can't even begin to describe my excitement - I'm so stoked to be getting back to it finally!

  • Also very glad to hear that. Maybe now this forum will start buzzing again. Quite literally, loopy is the reason that I pulled the trigger to buy an iPad. Two years this summer. Keep it coming Michael.

  • good news! :)

  • O for orsome

  • I would like to propose the extension of this idea with a small change in approach to saving the session.

    The idea is as follows:

    Each "color group" of three tracks should be able to saved and read - without interrupting playback of other tracks.

    For example, if the "yellow track" we have outro of the first song.
    On the "red track" we can have to load the intro to the next song.
    A smooth transition without interrupting the entire session.

    Each "color group" should have a list of saved tracks (scenes) for easy loading the next part of the show.
    (new midi controls - load next scene, load previous scenes, etc.)

    Instead of saving the session 12 tracks (as it is now) loopyapp should save a group of three tracks (scenes).

  • Interesting idea, @pat0gen! I'll have a think about this.

  • Chop, chop ;) This will take the app into the professional realm for so many of us...

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