Without a "Toggle Stop/Play track" how do you guys do the following?

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Hey guys!

So, to my surprise, loopy doesn't have a "stop/play" function that i can map to Midi (at least i'm not finding it)

So let's suppose you want to do the following:

Record a 1 bar Loop - Beat
Record a 4 bar loop - Song chorus
Stop the 4 bar loop to play the verse
kick in the 4 bar loop at the chorus

How do you do this?

I am currently trying to do it with "Mute track", but what happens is that the "chorus" track keeps playing in silence, and when i want it to kick in, i un-mute it, but it doesn't play at the beginning, it just un-mutes it at whatever point it is...

Any tips?



  • Synchronization settings: "count in/ out mute" -ON- in the settings. It's like magic. :-)

  • That doesn't solve my problem... what that will do is that instead of un-muting it when i press the pedal, it will wait until it's the start of the "chorus" loop to un-muted.. to loop will start from the beggining, but not in sinc with my performance...

    Any other tips please?

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    If your one bar loop beat is going, Loopy should always stay in sync with itself and your performance. How many bars is your verse? The setting I mentioned works great if verse and chorus are equal number of bars or multiples of each other. (But you are right, it will be off if your verse is six bars... A 4 bar chorus will come back in two bars later!)

    Another option might be to have another MIDI binding for restart clock, which will make all loops restart from the top and also activate any pending mute/unmute actions.

    ...I really am trying to be helpful! Sorry if I'm having a hard time figure out what you aim to do. I think it might be helpful to state that there currently is no way to restart just one of the loops from the top without restarting all of them. And all loops are constantly "rolling" either live or muted.

  • @htmx thank you Very much for helping

    The problem is that exactly, if i have a 6 bar verse, or if for some reason i dont start to sing the verse right after recording The chorus, then when The chorus comes up it will be Off..

    I can't believe i'm The first to have this issue...

    I wanted To Be able To use it like i did with The RC-50, in that case only...

  • @ElKapone. I asked this question a while ago and got similar responses. We may be expecting loopy to behave like a hardware looper(or several different loopers) all at once and I don't believe it's possible. At least I haven't been able to figure it out. I own a digitech JamMan and love it. It would be great to be able to start any loop at 1 any time you choose to insert it.

    Having said all that I still think loopy is the most amazing music making tool to come along in a long time. The options it provides we're unheard of before it showed up. Use loopy with the RC-50. That will open up a lot of possibilities.

  • Well i don't own an RC-50 anymore... i sold it along time ago...

    It's a shame we can't do this with loopy... it's preventing me from doing several stuff :/

    just out of curiosity, this is what i was doing back in 2010, before i sold my rc-50:


  • @ElKapone. You definitely need to get a looper that you're comfortable with and get in front of some people! Great vocals. Great cover.

  • thank you very much @Ben !

    I+m trying to get confortable with loopy... but i'm not yet :(

  • Well the function you're looking for is one of a sampler, not a looper. Loopy is a looping app and thus syncing tracks and certain stop/start behaviours are integral and required. Sampling doesn't have these as that is a different beast. You may want to look for a sampling app to use alongside loopy, as loopy shouldn't be weighted down with too much non-looping functionality (as its a looping app)

  • The RC 50 is also a Lopes and does this...

  • very well done…
    checked your stuff on YT & it's all pretty cool, parabens !! ;-)

    keep up the good work...

  • Thank you very much man!
    Ainda bem que gostaste!
    Um abraço!

  • Nicely done brother...I am having the EXACT same issue, have you resolved this?

  • Unlike the RC-series, all the recorded loops are always running or Paused. You only hear the ones that are unMuted. If the Chorus and Verse are not equal length, then you will have to use "Restart Session" or perhaps "Toggle pause and restart session"

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    I was trying to figure out how to do this (or at least similar) a while ago too with no luck. It still seems to me that there would need to be a way to break off tracks into smaller groups in order for this to work. Like it would need to be a configuration in the menu that is at a level higher than bindings (such as 12 tracks = 3 groups of 4 tracks or however you wanted to group it) but what do I know lol. I just know that I want to be able to use it.


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